Thursday, May 23, 2024

MP Jackie Doyle-Price warns drug users as crime soars

By Local Democracy Reporter
Steve Shaw

THURROCK’S MP has warned drugs users they are helping to fuel organised criminal networks after it was revealed that knife crime has doubled in the borough in just five years.

MP Jackie Doyle-Price said she will be giving Essex Police her full support to tackle crime in the borough and prevent knife crime from becoming an epidemic.

“The growth in knife crime in Thurrock is in part driven by the organised criminal networks that peddle drugs through the grooming of young people,” she said.

“The practice is known as county lines and is fuelling a rise in knife crime across Essex. This is serious organised criminal activity.

“Britain has become the biggest user of cocaine in Europe. My message to anyone who uses drugs, think on, you are propping up some very nasty people who are making a lot of money on the back of exploiting young people. Put simply drug use is not a victimless crime.

“I am pleased that Essex Police is to recruit an additional 150 officers to tackle this increase and I will give my support to the Police and Crime Commissioner to continue this expansion next year.

“As it is there has been some success. Last year Essex Police arrested 668 people suspected of being involved in drug and gang-related crime and seized drugs including heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis with a street value of £684,530. They also seized 149 weapons and £346,820 in cash earnt through drug dealing.

“Policing is not the whole solution. We need to prevent young people from being drawn into this activity. I am pleased that our schools and colleges take this very seriously. And I welcome the work of Gangsline, an organisation run by ex-gang members who work to reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in gang activity is also organising gang prevention workshops in schools.

“In London there have been 1,299 stabbings causing 51 deaths so far this year. We need to clamp down on this now to stop this epidemic coming to Thurrock. I will give Essex Police my full support in making this a priority.”


  1. Start hanging them for using a knife and then watch the numbers fall.
    Time to stop the left wing loonies pandering to them.
    ‘Make it safe again’

  2. The streets are almost lawless, we need to put up a front line that can deal with these type of crimes and then ensure that the penalties suit the crime, they need to be harsh and make the crims think twice, no going to court for a slap on the wrist.

  3. Simple

    The establishment don’t take and hang around in gentlemans clubs with organised criminals.
    Jail them all. You are the one who makes the laws.

    As an Ex drug user in the 90’s I would say telling them they don’t solve the underlying
    problem they have and getting them help. Because waking up the next day with the same problem does not change anything. you still have the problem you just zonked yourself out for a bit.

    Jail all knife/Gun users.
    We would have to pay more for prison officers and prisons for this though and I know tories dontlike paying taxes.

  4. Jackie Doyle Price you are full of shit talking tough on crime.

    To use a bit from the previous post on knife crime
    “shortly after £63million in police spending cuts were announced”

    These Tory style never ending cuts have consequences either live wiht it or change it.

  5. That doesn’t get away from the point. We would still have to pay for hangmen and that would mean taxes which tories don’t like.

  6. CTB.
    You really need to sort yourself out mate. Your leftie mates have caused this problem being to soft.

  7. How have the left caused this? We have had neoliberelaism for 40 years and have had a tory government with police cuts for years.

  8. I Thought I posted jail the knife/gun users. Oh and the organised criminals the establishment hang around with.

    I bet your hugging them establishment types like no tomorrow.
    A grammer school education it is good to be connected in life. 🙂

  9. Not me CTB.
    Just a Grays School uneducated type who wants to see some justice in the world and a place we can all be safe living in.

  10. Your reply says it all.

    That is exactly why the loony left are killing the country.

    No wonder you love the Grays Vicky Pollards.

    Your credibility just went right out the window.

  11. You’ve told me in the past you’ve went to grammer school.

    credibility – I was unawareI had any with you or anyone else for that matter.
    Giving anyone in life credibility is a dangerous way to live.


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