Thursday, July 25, 2024

Labour candidate slams rail fare increases for Thurrock rail passengers


LATEST train fare increases will add “insult to injury” for many of Thurrock’s rail passengers says Labour parliamentary candidate, John Kent.

To coincide with confirmation of the 3.2% train fares hike this morning, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Thurrock John Kent has compared the costs of commuting from Thurrock to London from 2010 when the Conservatives came to power with the projected new prices to will be implemented in January 2019.

The comparison has revealed a massive 35% increase on 2010 prices, with the average Thurrock commuter expected to pay a £2,452 for their season ticket from next year compared to £1816 in 2010 – £636 more than in 2010.

John Kent, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Thurrock said: “Average fares have risen more than three times faster than wages. The latest increases will add insult to injury for many of Thurrock’s long suffering commuters. Many have no alternative nd have to use the train to get to and from work.

“Many will not have seen their pay increase anything like 35% since 2010 and anyone who regularly uses C2C knows that their trains are more overcrowded and less reliable than they were before the ill thought out timetable changes – it’s just not good enough!

“The truth is that our privatised railways drive up costs and leave passengers paying more for less. Our railways need serious reform and not the failed model of privatisation that punishes passengers and taxpayers.

“Instead, Labour will ensure our railways benefit the many, not the few by using money saved from bringing passenger services into public ownership to cap regulated fare rises at the Consumer Price Index.”


  1. Another way is to end the monopoly of C2C create free market capitalist competition on the railways.

    Thus competition several operators on each line thus true price discovery.

    I know free market entrepreneurial capitalism
    Is against the present system we have of neoliberelaism concentration of wealth and opportunity in ever fewer hands..

    But opportunity and free capitalism is the best way we have an the best way of getting people out of poverty.

    We need to end this neoliberelaism it is sucking the life out of the US, UK and Thurrock. it is getting dangerous out there.
    We need to get back to wealth creators. Who will pay into the system

    We can start with the railways.
    Because either neoliberalism concentration or nationalisation does not change the fact that it is one operator thus a monopoly thus no competition. thus no price discovery.


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