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Have Thurrock voters changed their minds over Brexit?

A RECENT poll has indicated that Thurrock residents are changing their minds over Brexit.

Best for Britain and Hope Not Hate have produced a new map of British attitude towards Brexit and they are saying that the tide has turned.

The map can be found here.


At the referendum of 2016, 29.7% voters Remain and 70.3% voted Leave.

In their survey of 2018, 42.0% voted Remain and 58.0% voted Leave.

South Basildon and East Thurrock

At the referendum of 2016, 26.9% voters Remain and 73.1 voted Leave.

In their survey of 2018, 34.6% voted Remain and 65.4 voted Leave.


At the referendum of 2016, 32.0% voters Remain and 68.0% voted Leave.

In their survey of 2018, 39.9% voted Remain and 60.1% voted Leave.

Over 100 Leave constituencies have changed to Remain they claim. There are also constituencies such as arch-Remainer, Kenneth Clarke’s constituency of Rushcliffe in Nottinghamshire that have changed from Remain to Leave.

The survey has several caveats. They do not reveal how many people in Thurrock were actually polled.


  1. Thats not what I hear around the borough. People want out more than ever.

    I think this survey is selective and not representative.

  2. All i know is the last vote teared
    the shit out of the country psychologically and relationships wise.

    I Dont think we can afford to go through that all again.

    I was a remainer and thurrocksgonedownhill was and is a strong leaver all we can do now is work together on getting behind Jackie Doyle Price and THeresa May
    Get as many Fair trade deals
    and get back to a freemarket capitalist based economy that is entrepreneurial and create the skilled long term jobs and opportunities of the future for all.

    I know free market entrepreneurial capitalism
    Is against the present system we have of neoliberelaism concentration of wealth and opportunity in ever fewer hands..

    But opportunity and free capitalism is the best way we have an the best way of getting people out of poverty.

    We could use this to create a better world and grow our GDP Crate the high tech businesses of the future and create future billionaires who could contribute to local society.

    Or we could be self destructive.

  3. With any poll conducted by someone with a vested interest in the result of that poll this old saying comes to mind – ‘He who pays the piper plays the tune.’

    They have supposedly interviewed 15,000 people but have already issued press releases such as 1 million Labour voters change their minds.


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