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Grays residents disgusted with uncollected rubbish

Bins 2

Treetops Close

RESIDENTS OF new properties in Grays are angry at the amount of uncollected rubbish that has been accumulating outside their flats.

Treetops Close, off Dell Road is situated on the old Treetops school site.

Resident Vanessa Trigg takes up the story.

“We bought the property off Keepmoat in December, 2017. Firstly there was a battle to get streetlighting. By May, we got bins but no collections.

“I have rung the council but it seems to be some sort of bureaucratic maze. All I know is that in 90 degree heat, the rubbish has kept mounting up. It is a disgrace.

Once Vanessa photographic evidence up, other residents also illustrated their plight.

YT contacted Thurrock Council. A spokesperson said: “The side waste has been reported and the council’s environmental team will be clearing this by the end of the day on Wednesday 22 August.

“The council are in the process of working with the flat management company to gain access and clear the waste from bin shed two, as it is currently locked”.


  1. Welcome to Thurrock Vanessa.
    Home of the most incompetent council in Britain. Home of filthy animal fly tippers and a breeding ground for dysfunctional social low life’s.


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