Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thurrock Council, Vatican City and Elephants

Vatican City

THERE are mixed opinions as to whether Thurrock Council’s million pound plus “Cut It Clean It” campaign is working.

Some people feel the council are victims of success and hostages to whataboutery. They make one area clean and people start pointing to areas that are not so clean.

Other critics point to the daily failure to pick up bins. The main reason seems to be cars blocking the path of the lorries. Why does Thurrock seem to be the only area in the whole of the county that has these problems? Some wonder if there is some form of work to rule going on?

Then there was the ballad of the Thames Road Car Park when in the face of photographic evidence from press, politicians and members of the public that it was full of litter, the council’s response was simply “It is cleaned every week”. Of course, they didn’t say “cleaned very well”.

Finally, every month, the leader of the council, reports back on how much litter they have collected. It is always compared to the size of some feature….so far we have had Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Monaco and this week we had Vatican City. Now where’s that Book of Exodus?



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