Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Blogspot: Labour and the Brexiteers

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Blogspot: By Mick Hall

One of the most important tasks for the Labour Party today is winning back those workers who supported Brexit in the referendum and since then have not changed their minds.

First and foremost they need to be shown some respect, otherwise the LP will lose them for good. Yes it was partially about immigration but that wasn’t the main reason why they voted out, it’s the way their communities were steam rolled over by a political elite who have never had the best interest of working class people.

The social cohesion which once held people together has been deliberately stripped away, well paid unionised jobs are a distant memory, especially for the young, many social and workingmen’s clubs along with local pubs in which people used to meet up and chat have been closed down, and turned into blocks of flats or housing estates most locals cannot afford to buy or rent.

In the town of Tilbury which is in my own borough all of the aforementioned has been done and more, in a port town they even shut down the bank and police station, they now intend to close a nearby hospital.

Is it any wonder these folk saw the referendum as a way to hit back at power they had no control over. They weren’t being irrational they saw an opportunity to express their disgruntlement and they took it.

We are where we are:
Yes the EU is an undemocratic neo liberal sinkhole with dictatorial tendencies which has been in desperate need of reform for decades, yes the leave vote needs to be honoured, but we cannot just flounce out without a deal because that would not benefit the working classes, in truth we would be like lambs going to slaughter, the likes of Johnson and Reese-Mogg who fear our classes true potential would make minced meat of us.

We need to act wisely and with cool heads, come the next general election if not Corbyn then whom? The Tories, who gave us the bedroom tax, austerity, who cut the benefits of the sick and disabled, who allowed our communities to decay. Who refused to build council houses and who are now closing our local hospitals and privatising the NHS to accommodate US private health care corporations.

They refused to make corporations like Amazon pay their fair share of taxes and then rewarded them with sweetheart deals, while many of their employees are paid low wages and offered what amounts to little more than zero hours contracts.

If we give Corbyn Labour a chance I don’t believe we will be disappointed. He is no push over, he has stood up to all the enemies of progress and fair play have thrown at him without wilting, fighting for the many not the few.

To paraphrase FDR the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


  1. Only the dumb would vote Labour.
    Every time they have been in power they have screwed up the economy.Lets hope people have a little more sense nowadays and keep this Jewish hating party out of office.


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