Thursday, June 1, 2023

Health matters: Would you like to be a member of the People’s Panel?

FOLLOWING a recommendation from Healthwatch Thurrock and agreed by the Joint Committee of the five clinical commissioning groups in mid and south Essex, the People’s Panel was created to provide an independent view on the matters relating to the relocation of services from Orsett Hospital.

The group’s purpose will be to monitor progress of the plans and to ensure that the voice of the residents of Thurrock is heard and feeds into the setup, implementation and transition phases of developing the four integrated medical centres in Thurrock.

The first meeting agreed Terms of Reference and considered who should sit on the panel as a member.

Membership of the panel is based on those residents currently using services at Orsett Hospital who will be able to provide a lived experience before, during and post service transition. Their insight will allow for a relevant and authentic review of the services as they move into the Integrated Medical Centres from the patient perspective. Other members will be invited to join the panel based on the wider community and their geographical location across the borough.

If you would like to be considered for membership please contact the People’s Panel by email

Aims of the panel will be to:

Represent the views of the community in relation to the relocation of services provided at Orsett
Review community and stakeholder engagement plans related to service change and ensure any information produced is easily understandable and clear before being shared with the wider public
To review service related information to ensure any potential impact on the local community and/or protected groups have been recognised and reasonable steps put in place to seek to mitigate that impact
To ensure protected and other ‘seldom heard’ groups are given appropriately tailored opportunities to shape future services
To bring any local issues that may have some bearing on the implementation of plans to the attention of the group
To assist in how the evaluation of redesigned services can be measured from a user perspective

The People’s Panel is meeting on a monthly basis initially and will publish appropriate information via press releases and social media to inform and engage the community with its work and progress.

If you would like to contact the People’s Panel you can email

Information will also be available via the People’s Panel Facebook group


  1. I note the Peoples panel. (Love the name controversial is it not).
    The aim is the
    “provide an independent view on the matters relating to the relocation of services from Orsett Hospital”

    If it was a peoples panel it would not be promoting this and stopping it.
    The people don’t want the hospital closed.
    and with the tories building 100.000 more homes round here with there secret investors meeting remember. I would say we need a FULL hospital to cope with the demand.

    This is not about the people, Not about the future. It is a short term view to make a few quid selling the land. When the money is gone its gone for good.

    In the future it will cost more money to buy land to build a new hospital for all these influx of homes.

    All this short term quick profit view in life is killing the system. There is no long term sustainability plan.


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