Monday, September 25, 2023

Standing Room Only at Gable Hall Open Evening

Standing Room Only at Gable Hall Open Evening

PROSPECTIVE students along with their families and friends packed into Ortu Gable Hall’s Hall to hear what life at the academy is like last week (Monday and Tuesday 1 and 2 October).

Gable 2

Gable 1
With 100’s of people, there was standing room only to hear from Year seven representative, Cooper Gibbs along with head boy Michael Pearn and head girl Amy Finch.

Each classroom opened its doors to show off how interesting learning can be with teachers and heads of departments all on hand to answer questions.

Interim Head Teacher, Mr Evans said: “With fairy cakes, fire and busking in the hallways the school was really buzzing across the two open evenings and there was a tremendous sense of excitement which is always encouraging.

“Gable Hall is a huge school with 1,500 students and we take the role of the largest Thurrock pupil educator very seriously. Excellent education is when parents, pupils and the school are all pulling together so it was really lovely to see so many parents coming along and asking the right questions.

“All the staff here are extremely committed to improving the school and it’s great to see that everybody seems right behind that same mission.”


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