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Tea and Talk collaborative event for good mental health in Thurrock

Tea and Talk Collaborative Event for Good Mental Health in Thurrock

Tea and Talk

TO mark World Mental Health Day on 10 October, Thurrock Adult Community College (TACC) organised a Tea and Talk event, raising over £200 for the Mental Health Foundation. Their social area at the college in Richmond Road, Grays was transformed into a hub of practical information, help and support for anyone experiencing mental health conditions, enabling people to find practical help or strategies for their own individual situation or simply drop in for a cuppa a natter and a delicious slice of home-baked cake.

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues and mobilising efforts in support of mental health. Evidence shows the only effective, sustainable way to improve mental health is to adopt a whole organisation approach where all parts of an organisation and its community is encouraged to work together in their commitment to wellbeing. Putting this into action, TACC along with stakeholders including 4SX, The Recovery College, Thurrock MIND, Thurrock Inclusion Visions, Thurrock Centre for Independent Living, Citizen’s Advice, St Mungo’s, Peabody, Thurrock Libraries and the Local Area Coordinator team had stalls at the event to mobilise efforts in support of better mental health in Thurrock. Jill Underwood, Wellbeing Course Leader at TACC said “there is a lot of support available in Thurrock for people affected by mental health problems but someone in a crisis may not know where to find it. We are committed, not only to our new Learning for Wellbeing* programme but also to networking and signposting to local mental health providers in Thurrock, with the view that if we can’t help someone in crisis today, we know someone who can”.

Jaki Bradley, College Principal thanked everybody who planned, collaborated, baked and attended this enjoyable event, fundraising towards mental health research and a world with good mental health for all, with a special mention for members of the fabulous Thurrock Council Staff choir who kindly performed an uplifting selection of songs at the event.


  1. This was poorly advertised.
    I only found out about it reading this post.

    I even was on the phone a few days ago to a Thurrock charity which I was sorting out help for a visually impared person. They didnt inform me of this event.

    I also help out with Grays Hall once a week (Mental Health) they didnt know of it.

    I also note you didnt mention former Thurrock adult college governor and founder of the first mental health event and mental health poster and blogger Myles Valen cook.
    Who did the very first event many years ago which was very successful though had detriment effect on him which he has blogged about.

    If you had got the message out in advance we could of got a lot of people with mental health issues/Suicide… to the event.
    Did Jackie Doyle Price Health Minister Mental Health minister and now Suicide minister go. Oh and also Local MP for Thurrock.?

  2. Catching the Bus – Thanks for mentioning me. In fact, I organised two events (2009 and 2010) for TACC. Like you, I didn’t hear of this event nor, despite my previous experience of organising such events, did TACC approach me to help or even simply to inform me that an event was in the offing. It’s amazing to me that, despite everything I did for the mental health community, I have been treated like crap by Thurrock Mind and seemingly forgotten by TACC. It does seem that every good deed I have done has been punished by abuse, isolation and erasure from history by the organsations I have helped and supported in the past.

  3. I would also add and give you credit for as you did a lot of good also at the beehive Chairing the Thurrock Mental Health service users and carers forum.

    On a seprate note I am really sorry your idea for a Healthcare corporation was stolen by someone from Basildon. But then you know how the business world works and that of human nature.

    You did a lot of good back in the day for users.
    We know at points I have had my own battles with Mental health (Suicidal depression) due to the vision thing but what you have gone through I would not even try to compare with.

    Try to keep active.
    I would love to team up with you again on something but I know how reality has treated you.

    But thank you from me and other service users (alive and some who have gone) for the help.

    I just don’t get why organisations have treated you this way and you’ve been written out of Thurrock’s MH history. Because I think your ideas and corporation might of changed things for the better.

  4. Wake up people. If we cost the state money we are a burden. If it looks like they are acting responsible on the surface they have a defense.

    Blame the sponging parasites that have made the system fracture under the burden so those in genuine need do not get the level of support they need.

  5. VMC I deal in nothing but facts.

    To many do gooders letting the system down and allowing the parasites to sponge. The needy that the system was designed to help then struggle.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

    I am all for giving support to those in need, but you sound like a left wing wet.

  6. If someone cheats Jail them its simple. I have no time for them.

    “I deal in nothing but facts.”

    So post them?
    Remind me of what the governments own statistics are?
    Or would you like me to post it?

    I just don’t like the fact you are saying fact when you are not using them.

    I know you strongly hate the welfare state – NHS and most things government operated.
    As those on the far right also do. But I find the fact that someone with your view or someone more right might use that to scrap the system for ideological reasons thus leave those vulnerable with no chance. Because the private sector will view them as “there’s no profit in dead wood.” business is bisness after all.

  7. Like I say CTB..Facts!

    I fully support any system for those in need, be it NHS, Education, Benefits, Disability etc.

    Its the abuse of these systems I cant abide and they are abused on an industrial scale. Lets get cutting out those parasites and make the systems fit for purpose.

    I hope that clarifies my position once and for all so its not taken in the wrong context. If that’s perceived as right wing then that’s where we need to be.

  8. You are wrong about the totaly wrong figure of industrial scale.

    Wheres the facts and figures?

    Remind me of what the governments own statistics are?
    Or would you like me to post it?


    It is so bad now with what the DWP is doing that 70% of disabled people win on appeal for disability benefits.

    But what you are or others are doing by making out it is on a industrial scale is an agenda to distroy the system for right wing idelogical reasons. Because the FACTS dont back you up. So it must be idelogical

    I wonder if Tax Avoidance or Evasion is on an Higher than 0.8% Industrial scale?
    But that never gets really dealt with because the idelogical view.


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