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Former MP Andrew Mackinlay praises British Legion at ‘Oh What A Lovely War”

ANDREW Mackinlay, the former member of Parliament for Thurrock, greeted Vanessa Magee of the Royal British Legion at the Thameside Theatre when attending a performance of the musical
“ Oh what a lovely war”.

Andrew Mackinlay

The musical was performed by the Thurrock Court players as part of the centenary commemorations marking the end of the First World War.

He thanked the borough’s Royal British Legion for “their marvellous record and never-ending commitment , supporting and sustaining former service personnel ,and their loved ones… over the past Century”.

He said: “I shall never forget, and will always appreciate , the tremendous friendship and support I received from the Royal British Legion , whilst I was the member of Parliament…. particularly in relation to my campaign to achieve Pardons for those British soldiers executed in World War; Who were suffering from shellshock and post traumatic stress .”

Andrew Mackinlay went on to say: “ I congratulate the Thurrock Court Players for their wonderful presentation of the musical oh what a lovely War, commemorating in song and in dance the tragedy and the hypocrisy associated with the terrible conflict of 100 years ago. It was simply a wonderful performance”.

He went on to commend the initiatives of local groups and the Borough Council in their programme of commemorations.

“I shall lay a wreath at the Menin Gate in Ypres, on the eve of the armistice centenary dedicated to the men of Thurrock who Perished in the Great War .

On the previous weekend (4th November) I look forward to attending the service of remembrance and commemoration at the Purfleet Heritage Centre. I would like to encourage as many people as possible to attend this service or any of the war memorial services to be held on the main armistice commemoration on Sunday 11th November.”


  1. Andrew Mackinlay Voted for the Iraq War.

    “ Oh what a lovely war”.

    Was it? 1 Million dead Iraqi’s. Thousands of dead American Troops. Hundreds of Dead British Troops.

    Tony Blair made millions from Oil. so did other political figures.
    “ Oh what a lovely war”.

    Vets homeless on the Street’s of USA and UK.
    Land fit for hero’s?

    Have you and 45 Minute Tony Blair seen any of them Weapons of mass destruction lately.
    I hear your latest plan is to send in Tony Robinson and Time team to look for them.

    Tony Blair and gang should be in jail for crimes against humanity.

    “I shall never forget”
    “the tragedy and the hypocrisy associated with the terrible conflict”
    You said it Andrew But yet you and Tony wont be going to the police station or holding yourself up to account at the criminal international court. Enjoy your pensions you earned it. You F’ing Prick.

  2. Your sounding a bit bitter and twisted here my friend.

    I do agree in the main I have to say. Blair was just out for himself..How many flats has he in Manchester now??? 20 odd?

    We all know by now Labour are Tories really and Blair certainly was. Still better than the idiot Corbyn, still he will keep Labour out of office…yaaaaaaaaaaay.

  3. Bitter over Iraq Yes.

    “Blair was just out for himself”
    Everyone/Most people including me and you are But I just question how some people do it.

    Yes New Labour as he called them were Red Tories.

    We need a new world order as you call it.
    I just hope it aint Left or Right or up or down or bloody Centrist.

    As for Corbyn I doubt he can use a calculator. Neither can Mrs MAYhem.

    We need a new Party with new ideas. Because Conservatives, Labour, Lid Dem UKIP, BNP.
    Dont have the answers. In fact they don’t even know the fucking question.

    All of the above parties have let down our veterans I just question Andrew is all.

  4. Andrew

    What also gets to me with Andrews friends (Blair and Brown).
    Was selling the Gold at a 20 year low on a market cycle.
    informing it to bidders beforehand they were going to do it so the price dropped another 10% so the banks could make a killing.

    Hows the nations finances now Andrew?
    I am sure Blair has another bankers speach coming up.

  5. I agree with you there CTB

    We desperately need a new Body to run the country for the good of the country and not for the MPs or the Party.

    The big gold sell off was a ‘shame on you’ move by Brown without a doubt.

    Lets not forget the MPs expenses!. It was 100k of OUR money THEY USED to oppose the Freedom of Information Act so we didn’t find out what they were ripping us off for. They lost in court so each MP should have personally paid the bill, NOT the taxpayer.

    The EU are doing much the same so lets get out as quick as possible.

    A New World Order is coming and it’s long overdue.

  6. I didnt know they tried to oppose the Freedom of Information Act but not surprised by them.

    I’ll buy you a drink next time I’ll see you, for that bit of of information. Because its bloody good ammunition I can use against them. 🙂

  7. Look into CTB it is interesting reading. When you finished with that one, look at the EU, its even worse.

    We are taken for mugs all the time.


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