Number of Thurrock residents fearing they will be homeless nears 400

THE number of Thurrock households fearing they will be made homeless is 385 in the first quarter of this year – April to June.

John Kent Elm

“That would be bad enough if it was an annual figure – more than one a day – but it’s for just three months,” says Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, John Kent.
The figure was revealed to Thurrock Council’s cabinet on Wednesday (10 October) in a report on corporate performance.

The first quarter figure is a “new key performance indicator” so there is no comparison figure for last year. The report added the council had “accepted” 50 homelessness cases in the same period.

John Kent said: “It’s a tragedy that even one family – and these are households, not individuals – should have to worry about being made homeless, let alone actually face living on the street.

“Housebuilding has fallen to its lowest level since the 1920s under this government and the previous one and rough sleeping rises every year.

“Rents, especially locally, have risen far faster than incomes, hitting the poorest hardest, and new, affordable housebuilding is at a 24-year low.”

He added: “The Labour Party is committed to build at least 100,000 council and housing association homes a year for genuinely affordable rent or sale by the end of the next Parliament.

“We will focus on tackling the housing crisis and ensure housing is about homes for the many, not investment opportunities for the few, and we will give councils new powers to build the homes local communities need … not the false promises of Teresa May.”

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