Teachers gather in Thurrock for Royal Opera House National Programmes event

Teachers gather in Thurrock for Royal Opera House National Programmes event

ROYAL Opera House dance practitioners welcomed 55 teachers from 31 schools across the East region to the High House Production Park in Thurrock for a dance INSET day. The teachers are all engaged in the Royal Opera House’s National Programme Create and Dance: Nutcracker and Create and Dance: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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The INSET workshop explored the building blocks of dance to inspire cross-curricular learning. The teachers focused on action, body, space, dynamics and relationships within dance. They explored themes within the ballets Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Nutcracker, both of which are in The Royal Ballet’s repertory.

The Create and Dance programme is designed to encourage the delivery of creative dance in school and provide a meaningful engagement with The Royal Ballet repertory. It provides a creative learning programme, created with teachers, for primary schools across England.

Classroom-based and digital activities with strong curriculum links, give children a better understanding of dance, stimulating their imagination and creativity. It offers teacher training, classroom films, lesson plans and resources to use in ways that suit the needs of the teachers and their students. Teachers do not need any previous dance knowledge in order to take part in the programme.

Winni Smith, Year 3 teacher at Warren Primary School was very enthusiastic about the workshop and used what she had learnt immediately:

“The workshop was carefully planned so that each skill was a scaffold for the next . This methodology of learning the creative dance certainly built my confidence in my abilities to teach and deliver the art form. I returned to school with a new found zeal and zest and couldn’t wait to teach my PE lesson. However during English , we were reading the book Supertato and instead of just reading it, we created motifs that Supertato ( the hero) could repeat whenever he faced the villain – Evil Pea! Pupils created low, medium and high movements as well as quick, short, sharp turns as they reacted to a scene in the book! Everything that I experienced the previous day was used in the lesson and pupils were enthused and engaged in the story!”

To find out more about opportunities for your school to take part in Create and Dance, please go to: www.roh.org.uk/learning/learning-platform/create-and-dance/

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