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Blogpost: Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and Thurrock’s Suicide Prevention Minister, Jackie Doyle-Price


Mr. Perrin’s blog: The silence of Jackie Doyle-Price.

WHY has Thurrock’s MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, in so far as I am aware, had nothing to say regarding the Government’s decision to delay, until October 2019, the introduction of legislation to impose a £2 limit on “fixed odd” betting terminals and the effect such gambling has on those who become seriously addicted to playing them? I ask her because she is a Minister in the Department for Health and recently had the specific responsibility for the prevention of suicide added to her portfolio.

Tracey Crouch, sports minister, has resigned saying “pushing back the date was unjustifiable and it could cost the lives of problem gamblers”. She clearly means that for some playing these machines becomes “addictive”, impoverishing them and ultimately leading them to contemplate or actually commit suicide. Ms Crouch refreshingly demonstrates that there are still some politicians who have principles and abide by them.

Where does Ms Jackie Doyle-Price stand on this issue? Is she on the side of the Bookmakers or is she on the side of the exploited vulnerable gamblers? As a Minister with the specific responsibility for the protection of the potentially suicidal I consider her silence a dereliction of her duty. If she really believes her first duty is to protect the vulnerable would it be more principled of her to follow the example of Ms Crouch and resign?

The Prime-Minister says “there has been no delay in bringing forward this important measue”. That may well be true. The problem is the delay in it’s implementation and the probable consequences caused to “addictive” gamblers

In her resignation letter Ms Crouch says: “ From the time of the announcement to reduce stakes and its implementation, over £1.6 billion will be lost on these machines. In addition, two people will tragically take their lives every day due to gambling related problems and, for that reason as much as any other, I believe this delay is unjustifiable”.

Ms Jackie Doyle-Price, speak up or resign!


  1. No one makes you gamble, drink or take drugs, it’s your choice.

    If your that pathetically weak that it consumes you then what good are you as a person.

    That’s what we should be asking.

  2. TGDH

    Very inconsiderate post mate, a lot of people are not ‘pathetically weak’ as you state, but often let down by society (and the Goverment with their urges to take a £1 out of our pockets without considering the insenstivities) the post was about our almost invisible local MP, who is driven by her own career ambitions and cares little for anyone, so with her being responsible for suicides, I can only see her report on numbers rather than considering ways to reduce them.

  3. Big Noise, No one forces anyone to gamble, it’s simply your choice. If you find yourself in strive because of your own actions then don’t expect sympathy.

    As for our so-called MP, well your right,it is all about her and not what she is elected to do. I think she knows she is heading for the House of Lords very soon with her gold plated pension and £100’s per attendance..

  4. I don’t agree with your phylosophy mate, there are those that cannot help themselves and are led into it, these are those who JDP should be working with!

    She should get a rusty bucket and a sleeping bag for all the worth she is to the residents of Thurrock.

  5. If they can’t help themselves Big Noise they are pathetically weak, which is what I said in the first place.
    You don’t seem to comprehend that they/we have a choice. In everyday life we all make and have to make choices, do we not?
    By what your saying if they can’t help themselves they are weak, those who are led into it may well be a different ball game, all the same you can’t use that as a cop out.

  6. thurrocksgonedownhill – You’re such an intolerant bastard, aren’t you? And you talk a load of male bovine faeces about matters you obviously have no knowledge of. I would offer you a lesson on addiction and mental health but you’re too stupid to take it in, let alone understand the intricacies of the subject. I pity someone as degenerate as you obviously are.

  7. Valen(Myles) Cook.

    Thank you for your kind words. By your comments I can only assume you are one of these parasitic burdens on the taxpayer. Am I right?

    Which is it gambling our drugs with benefit money?

  8. thurrocksgonedownhill – Kinder words than you deserve, you arrogant tosser.

    If you mean am I on benefits then yes I am one of those deserving cases who paid into the system when I was in work so that, should anything happen to me, I would be helped by the same system I paid into. I also still pay tax in the form of VAT so I am, as everyone on benefits is, a taxpayer, you moron!

    There you go making judgements about people again. Typical arrogant Right-wing moron (and I say ‘Right-wing’ because a Left-winger wouldn’t be such a dick). I have NEVER gambled or taken drugs (aside from, like you, any GP prescribed medications).

    You really make a fool of yourself and you are so brave to do it hiding behind a screen name in anonymity (unlike me who may prefer to use Valen but don’t hide my true name either when I criticise people or comment on news items). Perhaps that makes me a braver person than you will ever be because I sure am a better and more intelligent human being than you are.

    If you really want to show how superior you are to people on benefits, perhaps you should come out from hiding and start signing your REAL NAME to your insults and pathetic comments.

  9. I don’t think posting our realnames will do any good. for obvious reasons.
    It is not the politicians or other posters or media but a few bad actors on the internet. That I worry about.

    The people who matter know who we all are anyway and have done for a long time and I’ve told other posters who other posters are.

    If casey can tell me how to change my username I will put my realname.

    Heck I’ve even had arguments with Thurrock Council councillors on here before who post under a username.

    None of it impresses me anyway.

  10. Big Noise , you certainly do make a big noise and I have to agree with TGDH , also do you see this user swearing like you do ?so it confirms you are not only limited with vocabulary you are limited with brains too !!!!
    Gambling is by choice and priorities come in to play here, shall I but bread etc or waste money that I know I will never see again by gambling , everyone likes a flutter now and again but you must be disciplined enough to know when to stop .

  11. yealink

    I’ve read Big Noises two posts again I didnt see any swearing to be fair to him.
    So I don’t know why you laid into him on that one if anyone should be laid into on swearing on here its me. normally anyway.

    I haven’t seen your username before so welcome if you are new. unless you’re already here. and i’m too depressed to care anymore.

    As for the topic in question. I see both sides. One the Government needs to act. two. everyone should have the saying “the House only wins” tattooed on there foreheads.
    But JDP won’t do anything because of the money. Both in costs and in corporate profits.
    I see a minister resigned on the issue the other day.

  12. Catching the Bus – It’s not about whether it does any good to use your real name when posting comments but a matter of accountability. If you can’t say something using your real name so you can be held to account for your opinions then you should really keep your mouth shut. It takes bravery to speak your mind when people can identify you. It takes cowardice to post anonymously which is why I really don’t like the Anonymous campaign group although I agree with some of their points.

    yealink – I take it that you were referring to me when talking about the swearing (which none of it was, by the way)? I point your attention to the following articles: Study: Swearing a Sign of More Intelligence – Not Less | PSI Intl ( and People Who Swear May Be Happier, Healthier And More Honest (

    The following is a quote from the second article: “A recent study found that people who swear often lie less and have higher levels of integrity”. I didn’t need any study to tell me that but someone like you might need the proof.

    Finally, if you start gambling, it’s a choice. That doesn’t mean, however, that if you become addicted to it that it’s just a matter of willpower to stop because addiction is as much a mental health issue as it is a physical addiction, something that both you and TGDH seem totally ignorant of. I could school you in the psychology of addiction but what would be the point of that? You’re both too ignorant to understand the subject.

    thurrocksgonedownhill – I notice that you say that gambling, drinking or taking drugs makes you weak. You missed out smoking. Does that mean that you’re a smoker? If you are, by leaving it out of your list of weaknesses, you are even weaker than addicts because they, at least, own up to their weakness.

  13. Lets put the record straight here.
    Most people like a flutter, everyone has drink now and again, no harm done. If your weak and you let an addiction to something control your life then thats a problem. Its not about being mental, its being weak and I don’t want my hard earned taxes being spent on wasters.

    I don’t smoke for the record, only when I make love as i’m that good.

    Cookie my friend, your limited vocabulary is clearly evident, you must be a Labour voter.

    Remember folks, everyone has the right to an opinion, just poor old Cookie can’t express his without swearing poor fellow.

  14. “I don’t want my hard earned taxes being spent on wasters.”
    Thats why I want to get rid of the Royal Family and all those hangers on.

    “I don’t smoke for the record, only when I make love as i’m that good.”
    You’re too modest you flash git 🙂 so funny

    Don’t use the Cookie insult name. It aint right. He will come back at you.

  15. CTB my friend I have to agree in part. The Queen and Royal Family bring in a huge amount of revenue to UK PLC and businesses from tourism, far more than their cost to us.

    I do agree that all the minor royals and hangers on should be self supporting and their positions omitted from the civil list.

    MPs expenses then next.

    Cookie is a nobody, he’s proved his worth on here…Nil.

  16. It’s the fact you think you are not a nobody that surprises me.
    Do you really think the establishment really give a dime about you.

    You’re a nobody just like me. we are all just fucking serfs to them and no doubt will all be wiped out when a British Trump gets in.

  17. CBT you have read my post all wrong.

    I am Just plain old Mr Joe Average and don’t claim to be anything else.

    We are all expendable at the end of the day and mean no more to the state than that.

  18. thurrocksgonedownhill (reply to comment posted November 6, 2018 at 6:02 pm) – You have already made assumptions when you say “Lets put the record straight here” (please note: ‘Let’s needs the use of a contraction being as it is the contraction of the words ‘let’ and ‘us’) because that suggests that you even know how to straighten a record.

    Some people who have addictions are weak but not all. In fact, most are not. You’re (please note the proper spelling) letting your ignorance of the psychology of addiction show but then you’re pretty ignorant full stop.

    I’m sure your hand appreciates your love-making skills and your partner always has sex toys to fall back on.

    Don’t call me Cookie, you sub-human, intellectually stunted, judgemental, intollerant, degenerate smellfungus. You call me Mr Cook or don’t reply at all (the latter being my preference, obviously, because having to talk down at your intellectual level physically hurts me). The fact that I was a columnist for this site, my own blogs AND editor of and writer for a magazine in the 1990s kind of proves that my vocabulary is far from limited…unlike your intelligence given you can’t manage correct use of contractions in your comments. Sorry. Lots of big words there. You – stupid.

    Yes, everyone has a right to an opinion but you should have the guts to do it under your real name and not hide in anonymity to do so is just rank cowardice. And to your other point – I refer you to the articles I referred yealink to. I’m sure you can find someone to read them to you if you struggle with the long words.

    (reply to comment posted November 6, 2018 at 7:11 pm) – You stated that “Cookie is a nobody, he’s proved his worth on here…Nil”, As per usual, you have shown your ignorance because when I was writing for this site my articles were significantly more read than the other bloggers YT had at the time, provoked more debate than any other articles FULL STOP and I kept the debate going where most other article contributors just said their piece and that was that. And that, my ignorant adversary, was just what I did on this site. I did significantly more offline. What have you done apart from spew venomous crap from your keyboard in the comfort of cowardly anonymity? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

    (reply to comment posted November 6, 2018 at 10:10 pm) – You state that “I am Just plain old Mr Joe Average and don’t claim to be anything else” which is utter faecal matter because, with every judgemental comment you make, you are claiming superiority over the people you malign without the knowledge to back up your smears. People with addictions are, to you, weak which means that you feel yourself to be superior to those afflicted with addictions despite the fact that you seemingly have absolutely no knowledge of the psychology of addiction. You call people on benefits “parasitic burdens on the taxpayer” which means that you consider yourself to be superior to benefit claimants without any knowledge of why they may be on benefits. You have stated that people on benefits haven’t paid into the system in the past which is judgemental and, in a lot of cases, just plain incorrect. You try to make yourself seem important and superior by flapping your gums without the intellectual rigor, knowledge or proof to back up your pathetic attacks on those you deem inferior to youself. Paradoxically, all this does is prove your inferiority and, as you do everything in anonymity, it proves you’re inferior – morally, ethically, intellectually and humanly. You’re a corrupt deviant and I pity you because to be angry with you would be beneath me and I don’t lower myself for degenerates.

    I won’t bother replying to any more of your comments on this article because you just aren’t worth my time.

    Veni, vidi, calce asinus tuus, TGDH!

  19. Catching the Bus (reply to comment posted November 6, 2018 at 7:01 pm) – Thanks for trying to stand up for me when TGDH called me “Cookie” but, if you read my reply to him above, I think you can see that on his pathetic attempt at belittling me by using a childish schoolyard name, I have no need of assistance. If I knew his real name, I suppose I could have engaged him in schoolyard banter by coming up with some childish version of his name but that would be pandering to his need to reduce the discussion to a childish game and I’m too good to do that. See, you have proven yourself to be superior to TGDH because you knew I’d come back at him! Have a pleasant day!

  20. Cookie, You claim in your your response “your to good” lol

    You clearly have an addiction but have not said what. Live on benefits in Tilbury and vote labour…And thats good!.
    Clearly I am superior to you as I work, pay taxes and do charitable work on a regular basis. In fact far superior wouldn’t you say.

    Your mum must be so proud.


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