Labour MEP call for Amazon workers in Tilbury to be “treated with dignity”

THURROCK’S Euro MP Alex Mayer will demand that the global giant Amazon treat workers at their Tilbury warehouse with dignity in a speech in the European Parliament this evening (Wednesday 28th November 2018).

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Her call comes hot on the heels of protests on Black Friday in anger at what the GMB trade union call ‘inhumane conditions’ at the company’s warehouses.

Figures from the GMB show Amazon warehouses have been reported to the Health and Safety Executive 602 times since April 2015 and that 600 ambulances have been called to their warehouses in the same time period.

The Amazon warehouse in Tilbury is the largest in Europe, the size of 12 football pitches. Workers have described how they are locked metal cage, 10 feet from a nearest colleague, given nine seconds to grab and process items delivered to them by an army of machines for packing – a target of 300 items an hour. Workers say they face the sack for packing less than two items a minute.

Speaking in the Parliament chamber Alex Mayer MEP will say: “Workers have told the GMB they don’t have enough time for toilet breaks. 87% are in pain due to their workload. And they are fracturing limbs and being taken away in ambulances.”

Last week’s protests happened across Europe in Italy, France, Germany and Spain which Ms Mayer will say is a sign of “workers’ international solidarity”. She will conclude with a direct plea to Amazon bosses to talk to the GMB trade union, saying: “Amazon, please get round the table with the union representing your workers and remember staff can’t be treated as robots.”

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