Thurrock computer users may benefit from password generator offer

ESSEX-Based IT Support and Services business and Cyber Essential practitioner, Sunrise Technologies, has announced the launch of its password generator, a web based platform that provides users with multiple unique, highly secure and easy to remember passwords, and they are offering this service to businesses for free. You can get your secure password now at

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In the UK today, cyber-attacks are on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure your personal and business data are properly protected from digital fraudsters. Major data breaches make headlines on a regular basis, but many business and computer users still don’t understand how serious the threat is—and that can be dangerous.

Recent research demonstrates that the growing cybersecurity threat isn’t a trend that only affects big, national companies. It’s just as serious, if not more serious, for small businesses to be prepared because data breaches and cyber-attacks are very real possibilities for them. According to the National Small Business Association, 44 percent of small businesses report being the victim of a cyber-attack, the number of data breaches reported each year continues to climb and If that’s not alarming enough, 60 percent of SMBs that are breached go out of business within six months.

“With cybercrime becoming an increasingly serious threat, it’s not a question of if businesses need security; it’s a question of what level of security you need.” Comments Simon Gurner, Sunrise technologies Managing Director. “Keeping this in mind, if you’re a business owner, you should reach out to your IT service provider about data security to make sure your business is properly protected.”

Simon continues, “It’s also important that everyone start educating themselves as soon as possible because new cyber threats emerge every day. Be proactive, use our password generator to improve your passwords effectiveness and start talking about cybersecurity now, don’t wait until after you or your company experiences a data breach or malware infection. Act now before it’s too late.”

There is a wealth of useful information available online to help you and your business stay secure, in fact, the UK government recently launch its Cyber Essential scheme, its purpose is to help your business guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to cyber security.

There are so many potential threats to watch out for, this is a list of just some of the threats out there now trying to gain access to your information.

Types of Malware You Need to Know About

Adware – A type of malware that displays advertisements on your computer and collects data about your browsing habits without your consent.

Keylogger – Malicious software that tracks the keystrokes on a computer and transmits the data to another location so it can be used to detect usernames and passwords that are typed on a computer.

Ransomware – Software that locks a computer and retains control until the user pay a certain amount of money.

Rootkit – A type of software designed to open a backdoor into areas of operating system that are not supposed to be available and to mask its presence while doing so. It is used to deploy other types of malware.

Spyware – Software designed to steal user data—such as website logins and passwords or proprietary information and trade secrets—off machines it has infected

Trojan – Malicious software that seems legitimate but contains other software that attacks the system in some way after tricking a user into activating it.

Virus – A type of malware that attaches itself to an application and then spreads to other programs and computers on the same network through an infected host file, causing a variety of damage when the application is run.

Worm – Software that infects a computer and then replicates itself from system to system on its own without the help of a host file.

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