Thurrock CVS celebrate five years of ABCD

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THURROCK CVS are excited to announce they will be hosting the 2019 Voluntary Sector Conference celebrating 5 years of Asset Based Community Development in Thurrock and will include guest speaker Cormac Russell.

The conference will be taking place at the Stifford Hall Hotel on January 23rd 2019 between 9.30am and 4.30pm and will be open to members of the local community as well as groups, organisations and businesses.

In 2013, Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) was introduced to Thurrock by Cormac Russell, to support us working towards an asset based approach and building more connected, less isolated communities which promotes the strengths, skills, passions and energy of the local community.

Over the past 5 years the Stronger Together partnership have supported the ABCD approach to working differently, focusing on ‘what’s great about Thurrock and its communities’ and exploring our community assets such as people, groups, places etc.

Projects such as the Community Hub programme, Local Area Coordination, Time banking, Social Prescribing, small sparks funding, Giving for Thurrock etc. have been developed with a view of strengthening Thurrock’s communities and helping people discover, connect and mobilise around things they care about.

The ABCD Conference is a perfect opportunity to look back on our journey and to find out more about the ABCD approach to help build stronger resilient communities where people can share ideas, concerns and future aspirations together in Thurrock.

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