Thames Crossing campaigner slams “evasive” Highways England

ONE of the leading campaigners against the proposed lower Thames crossing has slammed Highways England for evading answering questions from local residents.

With the agency’s consultation process due to finish tomorrow (Thursday, 20 December) Laura Blake of the Thames Crossing Action Group says she and many others have been denied clear and concise information by the agency and brands the consultation process as carried out by the agency as ‘not acceptable.’ reports the Thurrock Independent.

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She took to social media to say: “Is anyone else getting email replies from HE that are not actually answering the question they have asked, but simply referring to where the info might be found, giving ranges of pages that might be relevant to find the answer to your question?

“This is not acceptable and I have started responding saying so and asking that they actually give me answers to the question. The onus should not be on us to go and search out the answer (if it’s even there), we are emailing to get an answer so that we can adequately respond to the consultation.

“I wonder if this is their way to try and whizz through the emails to try and get rid of them before Thurs so they can tick the box to say they answered all the questions that were emailed in during consultation?

“What do you think? Have you still got outstanding emails? Are you getting real, adequate and acceptable answers if you have received email replies?

“I am getting fed up with not getting proper answers to the questions I have asked via email. Standard copy and paste of info that doesn’t answer my question is not acceptable.

“While we’re at it how many of you have waiting longer than the 15 working days for replies to your emails?”

And in anticipation of a negative response from the agency when the consultation is complete Laura wants to collect evidence that the process has been flawed.

She says: “If you are happy to share with us so we can log evidence of this kind of thing, and you wouldn’t mind emailing any examples of emails you have received that were either not within 15 working days, and/or any emails you feel didn’t answer your question etc. please send to”

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