Fire Service warning after wood burner causes fire in Corringham

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ESSEX Firefighters were called to a fire involving an outbuilding in the garden of a property in Corringham last night (Monday 31 December).

The wooden outbuilding on Third Avenue, which had a wood burner and furniture inside it, caught alight when embers from the wood burner were accidentally left smouldering on the floor.

When fire crews got to the property they quickly set about extinguishing the fire which was deep seated in, and under, the floor. Firefighters then checked for hot spots and ensured the whole area was fuly cooled.

The floor was destroyed and the rest of the building suffered smoke damage.

Safety message:

Firefighters are urging everyone to install smoke alarms in any outbuilding which are used for living. This fire had been smouldering for some time before the owner saw the smoke. A smoke alarm would have alerted the owner or a neighbour much earlier, and the damage would have been reduced.

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