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Blogpost: Mr Perrin’s Blog: “A word in your ear about 2019”

Peter Perrin

Mr. Perrin’s blog; (1) “A Word in Your Ear”.

Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019.

What’s in store for us in 2019?

1. Thames Crossing.

Will the Thames Crossing saga come to conclusion, and will the decision have the approval of the majority of the residents of Thurrock? Despite the cross party opposition, enthusiastically and often, proclaimed, by the Thurrock Councillors I have my doubts. All the public meetings expressing a united opposition by the residents of Thurrock, the consultations , and demonstrations will count for nothing, and the Government, together with the Highways authorities, will impose their decision and Thurrock will end up with not just another crossing but sited where they see fit. As our MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, many months ago told a large gathering of the public expressing their opposition, – “face the fact, Thurrock will get another Thames crossing, like it or not”. Whilst it is generally agreed that another Thames crossing is needed we, the majority of people who LIVE in Thurrock, will continue to robustly oppose it being sited in Thurrock,

2. The closure of Orsett Hospital.

The closure of Orsett Hospital. Again bureaucrats seek to impose their decision to close Orsett Hospital. Whilst it is agreed that Orsett Hospital was (still is ) a valued service it was difficult to access from some parts of Thurrock and as an ageing building, requires significant investment to bring it up to modern standards. They propose that clinical services would transfer from Orsett Hospital to one of the four Integrated Medical Centres (IMCs) being developed in Thurrock for Thurrock residents. They say the IMCs would be sited closer to where people live thus enabling clinical care to be delivered closer to home, in settings that allowed stronger integration between primary, community and social care.

The proposal to close Orsett Hospital is enthusiastically supported by Thurrock Conservative Party Councillors who, as usual, are more concerned with the cost of everything and the value of nothing, though their judgement as to the cost of providing 4 IMCs to modern standards as opposed to the cost of bringing Orsett Hospital up to modern standards is questionable.

Thurrock Labour Party Councillors, together with Thurrock Independents Councillors, are strongly opposed to the closure and at an Extraordinary Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting on 5th December 2018 successfully voted to refer the decision to close Orsett Hospital to the Secretary of State on the grounds that they (1) consider the consultation exercise inadequate, (2) that they consider the proposal not in the interests of health services in Thurrock, Somehow, if past experiences are anything to go by, referring the matter to the Secretary of State could well be the death of Orsett Hospital.

Will the 4 IMCs be independently fully equipped, or will patients have to go to a specific IMC depending upon the treatment required? To have 4 fully equipped IMCs is surely an unrealistic extravagance and would probably be difficult, if not impossible, to staff especially with doctors and nurses. If patients are required to go to a specific IMC for a specific treatment, irrespective of the location of the IMC and the location of the home of the patient, does not that negate the “closer to home” reason given for the closure of Orsett Hospital?

Compared to a dedicated hospital, how many beds, in total, will the 4 IMCs provide? Will they be long-stay or will they be short stay only?

Surely it is better to have one hospital in Thurrock, fully staffed and equipped to modern standards, a realistic number of beds, both long-stay and short stay, capable of coping with an increasing population and adequate parking for both visitors and patients. I suggest that a refurbished Orsett Hospital is the most sensible solution, cost effective wise and value for money, rather than a “bed and breakfast” service provided in four different locations and with a one day turn around expectation.

3. People who post comments.

This item is addressed to those who post comments on articles and blogs, specifically “thurrocksgonedownhill”, “big noise”, “Catching the Bus” and Valen/MylesCook.

Gentlemen, I presume you are all men, will you promise that you will no longer use other peoples articles or blogs to conduct a personal war between yourselves. The insults and, in some cases, the use of foul and abusive language, creates the impression that you are just a bunch of boorish louts venting your spleen on each other.


  1. No I cannot Peter. I see what TGDH and his type of Far right Nazi style ideology are going to do. lead too. a massive domestic death toll and world war.
    I wonder what Germanys GDP number was in July 1945.

    I will always react to that type of ideology. But then you could always use your pathetic liberal views on him. appeasement always works Peter.
    Thats my main problem with those on the left no balls.

    It is good to see you posting again after a long time Peter. Good to see you are still out there. But we are in a fight Peter wake up.

  2. Mr Perrin, with all due respect, you have used your privileged position as a columnist to openly attack me and that, sir, is unacceptable behaviour for a journalist (even a simple amateur hack such as yourself). When I was a columnist for Your Thurrock I never attacked you or anyone else in my columns because, although I was an unpaid amateur columnist, I adhered to some form of journalistic ethics which prohibits such behaviour. People in the public arena – politicians, councillors and MPs – are fair game for attacks in columns that reflect someone’s opinion but attacks on people who write comments should be left in the comments section where they belong.

    I would like to point out that the so-called “personal war” was started by ‘thurrocksgonedownhill’ who has taken many opportunities to launch personal attacks on myself and post offensive attacks on the poor, sick, disabled and disadvantaged people of not only Thurrock but the UK as a whole. He has also made vile and uneducated comments regarding people with mental ill-health, a group which I believe you have some sympathy for yourself, and therefore should have taken him to task for but have remained silent – something I think you should feel ashamed of yourself for.

    Bad and offensive language is sometimes all a person responds to especially when they hold extreme, offensive views so is a necessary evil on occasion.

    ‘Catching the Bus’ has spent a lot of time trying to counter the poisonous views of ‘thurrocksgonedownhill’ in the comments section of various articles which is something you should be doing if you had any kind of journalistic integrity and sense of basic decency but you have taken it upon yourself to attack those who are doing your job for you. I believe an apposite quote to bring up here in relation to your lack of action regarding opposing offensive and damaging views is “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing” which begs the question – are you a good man who just stands by doing nothing out of apathy or are you a man who agrees with the poisonous views spewed out by ‘thurrocksgonedownhill’ that are more in-keeping with an evil authoritarian regime than a supposedly socially democratic country such as the UK?

    In conclusion, Mr Perrin, I expect an apology for the personal attack in your column. Feel free to attack me in the comments section where such attacks should made and try to use some journalistic ethics and integrity when you write your future columns. I’m actually surprised that Mr Casey allowed you to get away with it but it seems that professionalism has taken a back seat to humouring an old man on this occasion.

  3. I’ve got to be honest I don’t think I’m going to stick around too long in life. I have a massive profound feeling I’ve had for the last 6 months.

    I’ve seen whats gone on with friends in the Midwest in the States. I’ve seen an industry devastated by the Banksters.

    When I was a kid Bank Managers were the most respected person of the community. not anymore.

    I see the likes of
    Mr Perrin try to fight the likes of TGDH holding a bible saying we should all be nice to each other when a fascist like TGDH would just burn his book.
    Even politicians like
    Mr Perrin talk about bypartisanship and working together so much so that they turn far right to accomidate them. Do You ever see the far right move, It’s just the likes of Mr Perrin, Nancy Pelosi, Clinton so on who move.

    I have no faith in politics, Politicians some multinational corporations and or some Banks.

    The biblical crash is coming again. bigger than 1929.
    in the last 8 years our national debt has nearly tripled. from the party that claim to be financially responsible.
    I have seen everything cut for the masses. yet banksters have had billions still given to them each month over the 8 years. Thus national debt has tripled. When interest rates go up it will wipe us out. Only as I said next crash is coming what do we do with the banksters now?
    Under free market capitalism they would fail and new more efficient banks would replace them. But we live under neoliberalism a rigged economy rigged against the new and SME businesses.
    We have capitalism for the 99% and socialism for the top 1%.

    What really worries me for those who bother to stick around is they will further bailout the top 1% by no doubt printing more money (which could crash the currency by the way)
    thus create oligopolies and monopolies to such an extent that all aspects of life will be controlled by them.
    Anti competitive practices will happen by the 1% against the 99% of businesses so on.

    Mr Perrin is a Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi type of character
    who is almost certain guaranteeing a fascist like TGDH getting in.

    Correction. I will now refer to you by your real name Adolfgonedownhill.

    Mr Perrin
    Both TGDH and myself are coming to this as a knife fight. You are stepping off an aeroplane waving a piece of paper saying peace in our times. The former Conservative PM
    Neville Chamberlain did’nt live too long after that statement did he. I would suggest a Doctors appointment in the morning for you. Good Sir.

  4. Mr. Cook, I have no intention of giving you an apology. My comment was not a “personal attack” upon yourself, on the contrary it was a polite request to you and three others, unlike the personal attack upon me in your comments above.

    I am not a journalist nor a columnist, professionally or otherwise, I am just an ordinary member of the public who from time to time writes a “blog”. I do not feel obliged to conform to what you call “journalistic ethics and integrity”, I much prefer to be judged on my own standards of morality. As for your comment “humouring an old man”, I think it says more about your opinion of the elderly than it does about what you term as “professionalism”.

    I certainly do not intend to take lessons from you as to how to write my future blogs.

  5. Mr. Cook, I have no intention of giving you an apology. My comment was not a “personal attack” upon yourself, on the contrary it was a polite request to you and three others, unlike the personal attack upon me in your comments above.

    I am not a journalist nor a columnist, professionally or otherwise, I am just an ordinary member of the public who from time to time writes a “blog”. I do not feel obliged to conform to what you call “journalistic ethics and integrity”, I much prefer to be judged on my own standards of morality. As for your comment “humouring an old man”, I think it says more about your opinion of the elderly than it does about what you term as “professionalism”.

    I certainly do not intend to take lessons from you as to how to write my future blogs.

  6. Catching the Bus, I am disappointed that you consider “liberal views” as pathetic. This Country fought two world wars protecting “liberalism” and millions sacrificed their lives in doing so. Perhaps you need reminding of some of the qualities of liberalism i.e. free from restraint; free in speech or action; free from narrow prejudices; free in giving; generous, open-hearted; open-minded; favourable to changes and reforms tending in the direction of democracy, all qualities one should aspire to, not despise.

    I take exception to your suggestion that I am an “appeaser” , I have always opposed appeasement on the grounds that one side has to pay a price and is sacrificed in order to please the other side. Appeasers I have opposed range from Prime Minister Chamberlin regarding Hitler, The Allied Powers appeasement of the Russians over the “carve-up” of Europe at the end of WW2, especially with regard to Poland, Margaret Thatcher and her support for General Pinochet, Tony Blair’s appeasement of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness (Sinn Fien/IRA} in Northern Ireland, Tony Blair’s appeasement of Israel regarding its suppression of the Palestinians.

    As to your comment that your “main problem with those on the left, no balls”, I consider myself every bit as much a man as you.

  7. Peter Perrin – Mr Perrin, the moment you name checked me it becomes an attack and, as I was singled out in the list of names you wrote, it became personal hence personal attack. It doesn’t matter how polite you think you were being, personally name checking someone in your column is unacceptable. Please note that I was the only person you could name check because I’m the only one whose real name you know and that makes your personal attack on me even more unacceptable. By attacking me, you have proven yourself to be an amateur hack and opened the door to whatever response I deem fit to make. You have also not taken people to task over vile comments about people with addictions made on one of your previous pieces on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, something that I did in your stead and gotten a lot of abuse from one of the anonymous people you named in your column. I don’t know if you were ill and that’s why you didn’t stick up for people with addiction issues but I’m sure you read the comments on your articles so you could have done something in a later posting; you didn’t. You happily had a go at me for taking steps to correct people’s wrong thinking on addiction and other issues but you are amazingly silent about the attacks on vulnerable groups and people on benefits that others make – something for which you should be ashamed and the reason for the attack you seem to think I’m making on you although I’m more taking you to task than attacking you.

    The moment you have something published, whether it’s in print or online, you become a columnist or journalist whether you like to think of yourself as such or not. Check out the Wikipedia page for the word ‘blog’ and you will see that it is listed under Journalism (Genres) which makes you a journalist so must therefore adhere to the ethics and integrity that journalists are meant to work to. When you work as a journalist, paid or not, professional or not, your personal morality must take second place to the ethics journalists must show when plying your craft. And when you name checked me personally in your column, you showed just how low your moral threshold truly is. If you want to name check someone, do it in the comments section where such exchanges are allowable because you are no longer a journalist or columnist but simply another comment poster. You used your privileged position as a columnist to launch a personal attack on me in your column by name checking me personally because you couldn’t use anyone else’s real name.

    I actually have the greatest respect for the elderly but I made an exception for you due to your personal attack on me in your column. Some might have actually considered it more an attack on Mr Casey because, if anyone else had done what you did, he probably wouldn’t have published that part of the article but he has a great deal of affection for you and therefore let it pass.

    I doubt it would be worth me trying to teach you any lessons because you have no respect for your position as a journalist and the restrictions such a privileged position entails.

  8. Peter Perrin – I actually made an error in my last comment. I stated that I was the only person whose real name you could know to be able to name check in your blog. I forgot that ‘Catching the Bus’ has included his real name in brackets as part of his screen name which makes your attack on me even more personal as you only used the anonymous part of CtB’s screen name and didn’t use his real name which you had access to. Given this, I don’t just expect an apology – I DEMAND AN APOLOGY!

  9. Peter Perrin
    “liberal views” as pathetic / despise”

    I don’t I consider your liberal views in the blog article pathetic. When the Brown shirts show up you have to fight.

    “Appeasers I have opposed”
    I actually salute you for standing up for what you believe in.

    “As to your comment that your “main problem with those on the left, no balls”,
    I consider myself every bit as much a man as you.”
    I do consider a lot on the left as having no balls I am glad you consider yourself as having balls. I look forward to your first comment attacking a fascist like TGDH. it’s been a long time coming.


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