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Peter Perrin

Mr. Perrin’s blog; (1) “A Word in Your Ear”.

Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019.

What’s in store for us in 2019?

1. Thames Crossing.

Will the Thames Crossing saga come to conclusion, and will the decision have the approval of the majority of the residents of Thurrock? Despite the cross party opposition, enthusiastically and often, proclaimed, by the Thurrock Councillors I have my doubts. All the public meetings expressing a united opposition by the residents of Thurrock, the consultations , and demonstrations will count for nothing, and the Government, together with the Highways authorities, will impose their decision and Thurrock will end up with not just another crossing but sited where they see fit. As our MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, many months ago told a large gathering of the public expressing their opposition, – “face the fact, Thurrock will get another Thames crossing, like it or not”. Whilst it is generally agreed that another Thames crossing is needed we, the majority of people who LIVE in Thurrock, will continue to robustly oppose it being sited in Thurrock,

2. The closure of Orsett Hospital.

The closure of Orsett Hospital. Again bureaucrats seek to impose their decision to close Orsett Hospital. Whilst it is agreed that Orsett Hospital was (still is ) a valued service it was difficult to access from some parts of Thurrock and as an ageing building, requires significant investment to bring it up to modern standards. They propose that clinical services would transfer from Orsett Hospital to one of the four Integrated Medical Centres (IMCs) being developed in Thurrock for Thurrock residents. They say the IMCs would be sited closer to where people live thus enabling clinical care to be delivered closer to home, in settings that allowed stronger integration between primary, community and social care.

The proposal to close Orsett Hospital is enthusiastically supported by Thurrock Conservative Party Councillors who, as usual, are more concerned with the cost of everything and the value of nothing, though their judgement as to the cost of providing 4 IMCs to modern standards as opposed to the cost of bringing Orsett Hospital up to modern standards is questionable.

Thurrock Labour Party Councillors, together with Thurrock Independents Councillors, are strongly opposed to the closure and at an Extraordinary Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting on 5th December 2018 successfully voted to refer the decision to close Orsett Hospital to the Secretary of State on the grounds that they (1) consider the consultation exercise inadequate, (2) that they consider the proposal not in the interests of health services in Thurrock, Somehow, if past experiences are anything to go by, referring the matter to the Secretary of State could well be the death of Orsett Hospital.

Will the 4 IMCs be independently fully equipped, or will patients have to go to a specific IMC depending upon the treatment required? To have 4 fully equipped IMCs is surely an unrealistic extravagance and would probably be difficult, if not impossible, to staff especially with doctors and nurses. If patients are required to go to a specific IMC for a specific treatment, irrespective of the location of the IMC and the location of the home of the patient, does not that negate the “closer to home” reason given for the closure of Orsett Hospital?

Compared to a dedicated hospital, how many beds, in total, will the 4 IMCs provide? Will they be long-stay or will they be short stay only?

Surely it is better to have one hospital in Thurrock, fully staffed and equipped to modern standards, a realistic number of beds, both long-stay and short stay, capable of coping with an increasing population and adequate parking for both visitors and patients. I suggest that a refurbished Orsett Hospital is the most sensible solution, cost effective wise and value for money, rather than a “bed and breakfast” service provided in four different locations and with a one day turn around expectation.

3. People who post comments.

This item is addressed to those who post comments on articles and blogs, specifically “thurrocksgonedownhill”, “big noise”, “Catching the Bus” and Valen/MylesCook.

Gentlemen, I presume you are all men, will you promise that you will no longer use other peoples articles or blogs to conduct a personal war between yourselves. The insults and, in some cases, the use of foul and abusive language, creates the impression that you are just a bunch of boorish louts venting your spleen on each other.

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