The Thurrock Property Blog: The rise of the Tilbury OAP

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OAPs set to rise to 1 in 4 of Tilbury population by 2037

by Paul Tobias-Gibbins

Where are they all going to live?…

With constant advances in technology, medicine and lifestyles, people in the Tilbury area are, on average, living longer than they might have a few decades ago. As Tilbury’s population ages, the problem of how the older generation are accommodated is starting to emerge. We, as a town, have to consider how we supply decent and appropriate accommodation for Tilbury’s growing older generation, while still offering a lifestyle that is both modern and desirable.

In 1997 in Tilbury, around one in every eight people (13%) were aged 65 years and over. This increased to one in every seven people (14%) in 2017 and it is projected to reach nearly one in every four people (18%) by 2037. This means..

Over the next 19 years, the growth of the over 65 population in Tilbury will grow by 28.6%.

A lot more than the overall growth population of Tilbury of 19.5% over the same time frame.

In fact, the number of those over 90 is expected to double in our local authority from 982 (0.6%) in 2017 to 1,951 (1.0%) by 2037.

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