Chafford Hundred Day Care company praised by Ofsted

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OFSTED has praised an out-of-school day care company for addressing problems that led to an “Inadequate” rating in 2018.

The education watchdog returned to the Mega Camps, based at Harris Academy Chafford Hundred and have just published their findings.

The report states:

The provider has successfully addressed the actions raised at the previous inspection. He evaluates the quality of the provision to continually make improvements.

The provider demonstrates a clear knowledge and understanding of his responsibilities to safeguard children. He is aware of what procedures to follow to protect a child’s welfare.

There are good policies and procedures to keep children safe. Documents are easily available for inspection and meet current requirements, in particular those relating to the suitability of staff. Procedures relating to the administration of medication have been strengthened to protect children.

Since the last inspection, the provider has implemented performance management and supervision processes. These support staff to develop their knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities of their roles. Regular supervision meetings are held to monitor staff practice and set targets for further improvement.

The provider recognises the importance of working in partnership with parents and other professionals to help provide consistency for children’s learning and care.

The provider understands the importance of carrying out risk assessments to ensure the premises are safe and suitable.

The environment is well maintained and well resourced. Children have the opportunity to access a range of resources.

There were no children present when this inspection took place. The findings in this report are based on evidence gathered from discussions with those who care for the children and an inspection of the premises, equipment and relevant documentation. Where there are no children present, no judgement is made on the quality of the early years provision as there is no reliable evidence on which to assess its impact on children. The report states whether the provider continues to meet the requirements of registration.

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