The gritters are out tonight in Thurrock


Gritting routes

THURROCK Council grit approximately 226 miles of highway with routes graded by importance.

When there is significant frost or snow their first priority is to grit major routes such as the A13 and bus routes.

These routes take about 3 hours to grit.

If there is snow we also grit the secondary routes, which take another 2 hours. These are routes that are a significant risk and have high usage.

Reduced gritting routes will apply when salt stocks are very low.

Priority 1 gritting routes. 2018/19

Gritting route 1 – Bulphan, Horndon on the Hill, Orsett
Gritting route 2 – Corringham, Fobbing, Stanford-le-Hope
Gritting route 3 – Chadwell, Linford, East Tilbury, Grays, Tilbury, West Tilbury
Gritting route 4 – Chafford Hundred, Grays, Purfleet, West Thurrock
Gritting route 5 – Aveley, Grays, South Ockendon

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