Letter to Editor: Note to Labour MEP: “We are soon leaving the EU”

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Dear Editor,

I was intrigued by your article about my socialist colleague Alex Mayer bemoaning a decision to close the East of England’s office in Brussels.

Perhaps someone should break it to her gently that we are soon leaving the EU.

This office only existed as a lobbying base for attempting to influence EU policy, so will not be needed post Brexit.

Alex should also remember that regions, nations, bureaucrats and politicians do not trade with one another or create jobs – businesses do.

The best thing local or international politicians can do is promote the right climate for trade then get out of the way.

If we are to have such foreign outposts at all, rather than targeting the EU with its stagnant economy we would be better targeting countries with real long-term promise, such as Australia, India or the United States.


John Flack MEP

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