The Grays Lives Project: Rob Seaman: Navigating a way back to Grays

AS part of our Grays Lives Project, we interviewed a number of Grays Athletic supporters who want to see they beloved football team come back to the town.

For Grays resident, Rob Seman, his love of Grays Athletic intensified Ince they had left the Bridge Road area.

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So, we asked him to chart the history of the club once it left there and went on its travels from Corringham, to Rush Green and onward to Aveley.

Rob is truly convinced his club, will one day return. That is why these interviews with the Grays Ath supporters are part of the past, present and future of Grays.

This project is brought to you by the Riverside Community Big Local and YourThurrock.

One Response to "The Grays Lives Project: Rob Seaman: Navigating a way back to Grays"

  1. big noise   January 30, 2019 at 8:37 am


    I go back a bit further and there is no sympathy vote from me, some 20 years before the club were in trouble and the late Ron Giddings built the then new sportshall and clubhouse that sat on top of it at the far end of the ground, allowing him to build the flats in Bridge Road, he stated that he wouldn’t come in to take the ground but one day his boys might (and they did), surely with that in mind a long term plan should have been put in place. Sadly those involved over time gambled on the promises of local business men which brought highs but at a very big cost NO GROUND, not sure where the pay day went when you left the ground, I doubt that would ever be enough to give you a ground that would fit into senior non league soccer these days. I feel your pain, but much of it self inflicted.

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