Thursday, October 6, 2022

Death of another child in care being investigated

THURROCK Council’s children’s service has been rocked by the death of another child in its care while the children’s care service has been described as ‘in melt down.’ reports the Thurrock Independent.

Details are scarce about the latest death, believed to be in recent weeks, but it comes at a time when a serious case review is already taking place into the death of 23-month-old Katie Eloise Eden, which happened in Grays in January 2018.

Katie lived with her parents in flats in Chadwell St Mary, co-incidentally where the parents of the latest child to die also lived – though it is believed the child died while in the care of foster parents in Rayleigh.

The death of the child under the care of the service has been confirmed to the Thurrock Independent by senior councillors – however, officially the council has declined to give any details.

And in a somewhat timely twist, given the child was in the care of foster parents, a whistleblower has contacted the Thurrock Independent this week to say the local childcare service is in a state of ‘near melt down’ with a backlog of work to complete – and many people caring for children who are the responsibility of the council have not been cleared to do so!

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  1. “many people caring for children who are the responsibility of the council have not been cleared to do so!”

    Your giving a Jimmy Saville type of person a bloody free licence. Mark my words Thurrock Council Officers and Thurrock Council Councillors. will be going to jail for a VERY long time if the bloody obvious happens. They will be sued back to the stone age.

  2. Last weeks post about the first childs death.
    “A full report on the whistleblower investigation has never been released to the public because Council leader Rob Gledhill claims it contains “sensitive information”.

    You bet your arse it does.
    And all us voters know it too.

    DId you mean
    incriminating information?
    I simply ask.

    Reason is this is the second dead child now.

  3. I know certain people are going to have a go at me for saying this but this type of tragedy is what happens when services are cut to the bone by the Tories in Westminster. These services need more money, not less. More money for more staff so that the appropriate checks can be made on people given children to care for and to handle the increasing number of cases that are referred to the service in the first place.

    My heart goes out to the families of the children who have died. May they be the last.

  4. Having first hand knowledge and experience of Thurrock Social Services I would say this is sadly NOT going to be the last case of it’s kind. The issues the dept have are long running and whilst cuts have had an effect it is not the sole reason. Pure and simply it is poor decision making, incompetent staff and management.
    The money wasted by this department is staggering. Some of it statutory obligation I agree, but still an unchecked abuse of public money and some simply bad management.
    Get a grip and start doing your job properly everybody.
    Sadly everybody knows the get out clause – we will learn from our mistakes, but never do.


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