Thurrock Council’s work continues on deterrents for illegal incursions

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Work continues on deterrents for illegal incursions

THURROCK Council is carrying out a programme of target hardening on sites which have been used for illegal incursions.

Target hardening means strengthening of the security of a building or area of land, such as introducing iron padlocks which are more difficult to cut or break or erecting additional fencing.

Following each incursion on a council owned site, the area is reviewed for potential measures which can act as both a deterrent to incursions as well as providing evidence that criminal damage would need to be carried out to gain access to a site.

Taking this robust approach has resulted in a reduction in illegal incursions in the last calendar year and also a reduction in the time taken to move them on.

In a further bid to strengthen the action that can be taken against illegal incursions, the council has prepared a borough-wide injunction on all sites under the council’s ownership, this work is extensive and complex but is ready to be progressed following a test case in February. Further updates will be provided as the process progresses.

All illegal traveller incursions should be reported directly to the Police by calling 101. The more information the Police have about the impact on residents and the local community of an illegal traveller incursion, the more evidence they will have in relation to the use of their powers.

More information, including details of all current illegal traveller incursions known to the council, is available on Thurrock Council’s website.

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