Port of Tilbury receive consent for multi-million new port terminal

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A NEW new port for Tilbury has been given formal consent by the Secretary of State for Transport.

Tilbury2 will be built next to the Port of Tilbury.

The plans are part of Forth Ports Group’s £1bn investment programme and would see the volume of cargo handled at Tilbury double across the quay from 16m to 32m tonnes.

The company said the new terminal will be “fit for purpose for the UK’s departure from the EU”.

It added that Tilbury2 would embrace the latest technologies and streamline the border process.

The Port of Tilbury is already London’s major port but will be expanded to deal with an increase in demand

Construction is scheduled to start on 13 March with the intention to be operational by Spring 2020.

A new deep-sea jetty will be provided and the the port area will increase from 383 hectares to some 445 hectares.
Tilbury2 will be the UK’s largest unaccompanied ferry port and the country’s biggest construction processing hub, according to its owners.

Forth Ports Group said expansion was essential at Tilbury to cope with rising demand for construction materials and aggregates from Britain’s construction sector, and imported and exported cars.

A spokeswoman for the company said car storage would be the smallest part of the new site and that “Tilbury predominately deals with Hyundai, Jaguar Landrover and Nissan.”

It said that since 2010 it had also seen an increase in commercial ferry traffic, which carries consumer goods, perishables (food and drink) and steel between Europe and the UK.

Charles Hammond, Chief Executive of Forth Ports Group and owners of Tilbury Port, said: “This is great news for the UK at a time when the country needs its ports more than ever before.

“Tilbury2 will deliver much needed port capacity to support businesses importing and exporting to and from Europe and the rest of the world.
Tilbury2 focus.”

PLA chief executive officer, Robin Mortimer, said: “Today’s news is fantastic for the Thames. It underlines the attractions of the river for terminal and shipping operators, particularly proximity to the largest market in the country. Fundamentals like these were behind the Thames Vision growth target which forecasts port trade increasing from 45 million tonnes in 2015 to as much as 80 million tonnes by 2035.

“Continued private investment on the Thames like this is creating a river fit and flexible for the future, a cornerstone of the logistics chains that keep us all fed, warm, clothed and supplied with the goods we need.”

The PLA is pilotage and harbour authority for the Thames; it will oversee appropriate consenting for the Tilbury2 scheme.

The decision letter can be found here:


A roll on/roll off ferry terminal for importing and exporting containers and trailers to northern Europe, in partnership with P&O Ferries

A facility for importing, processing, manufacturing and distributing construction materials

A strategic rail terminal to accommodate the longest freight trains of 775m

Storage areas for a variety of goods, including exported and imported cars.

The group added it believed jobs would increase from 3,500 to 12,000 in the next 10 to 15 years.

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