The Voice winner Ruti’s dad set to stand in local elections

THE FATHER of the winner of TV show, The Voice is set tp stand in May’s Local Election.

Gbenga Olajugbagbe is the father of Ruti and has been selected to be the Thurrock Independent candidate for Corringham and Fobbing.

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Mr Olajugbagbe said: “Corringham and Fobbing needs to have a voice. For too long we have been a forgotten community within Thurrock. I am passionate about youth education and opportunites for young people. I want to make sure everyone gets the best possible chance in life to succeed. If you want change, then vote for me and together we can improve Corringham and Fobbing for all.”

Shane Ralph, Thurrock Independents Candidate for Stanford East and Corringham Town said: “I wish Gbenga the best of luck. He does a huge amount of work with our local children in the schools in SS17. Gbenga has great insights and knowledge regarding the challenges local children and families face.”

Cllr Luke Spillman, Thurrock Independents Party Leader said: “I’m thrilled to welcome Gbenga to our team. I’m committed to providing residents with the chance to vote for local community champion candidates who’ve been delivering for their community for many years.

“Anyone who votes for Gbenga can do so secure in the knowledge that he has a proven track record and will deliver for this community if elected.”

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