Laura’s Blog: Just be you, always you and nothing but you

Laura Moxley

By Laura Moxley

Be you!
Be you, always you and nothing but you

IN today’s society it seems to be incredibly difficult to stand up for what you truly believe in, for what you like and enjoy. As an individual, if your beliefs trail too far from ‘the norm’ you’re ridiculed. Ridiculed for being unique and different. Ridiculed for simply being yourself! Its perfectly ok to be vegan, or vegetarian or a meat eater. It’s perfectly ok to fancy the same sex gender and its ok if you’re still finding your niche when everyone around you seems to be settled in routine. Life causes enough stresses and pressure without us having to feel like being yourself is not good enough!

Standing out from the crowd is refreshing, not because you want to be different but simply because you are just being yourself. Embrace your imperfect; different, weird unconventional ways. Maybe, just maybe you could inspire others to grow confidence and be themselves, rather than them following the trends of others because they feel they need too.

Social pressures

What ever happened to individuality and being yourself. We have been morphed into a society that dictates how we should look; speak, dress, eat and behave in order to be liked and noticed. When in reality this is all materialistic expectations that you do not need to fulfil!

Social media has been taken over with influencers promoting the ‘must have buys’. Pressuring us to dress in a specific way… To get the latest look, best make up product to wear and what dress size is expected of us all. The strain for both men and women are pretty heavy but, there always seems to be slightly more pressure on a female to achieve a desired look… The shift in weight size is forever altering, big buttocks and size 24 inch waists are currently trending, anyone else wondering when hips and belly bulge are going to make a reappearance?

To be yourself

People who are a little quirky and slightly different, make by far the most interesting and exciting friends. Imagine being a statistic of similarity. Don’t long to be silk cloth, it’s not all that perfect and it can be pretty expensive. Be tartan, be patchwork, be a mixture of messy wools blended together creating depth and interest. What I mean is don’t cut your hair the same way as the next girl… Don’t wear that pinned striped shirt just because its trending on social media, pull out last years one instead… Be vintage fellas!

So what if you’re somewhat dishevelled. “In a world full of Kim Kardashian’s be Diana”

It’s truly saddening to witness others alter themselves and change who they truly are to pretend to be someone they are not. No one can be happy forever lying to themselves and others about who they are trying to portray themselves to be. The right people will love the real you, just you watch and see. Real friends and a future spouse will fall in love with you, for you and everything you are.

If you’re one of those who feel like the odd one out, the different one, the black sheep of society… Continue doing what you do. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to do the things you enjoy.

It’s more than ok to be yourself and differ from the rest.

It’s your life, so enjoy it. Just be you.

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