Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Christchurch Mosque killings: Vigil service held in Grays

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A VIGIL service was held in Grays to pray for the victims of Christchurch Mosque attack in New Zealand. The service was attended by large number of local residents including Thurrock Labour Party’s Chairman Mr Colin Ricks.

The local imam Hafiz Abul Rashid made special prayers for the victims and their families. A minute’s silence was also observed to pay tribute to the victims of this vicious attack.

Councillor Qaisar Abbas who organised this service said “We are here today to pray for the victims and their families. This attack is extremely condemnable and a reminder that the terrorism has no religion.”

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  1. Nobody deserves to be gunned down for their beliefs. But hey, why are we not hearing about the following news.

    Radical Muslims Murder 32 Nigerian Christians, Torch Church in Brutal Attack.

    Google what is going on the other side of the fence. Lets have fair, transparent reporting of the news whatever the subject matter.


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