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Brexit: MP Jackie Doyle-Price warns of “civil unrest on streets” of Thurrock if there was a second referendum

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THURROCK’S MP has warned that there could be “civil unrest” if Brexit became the subject of a second referendum.

Jackie Doyle-Price made the remarks on the BBC Sunday Politics programme.

She had earlier explained why she had already backed PM Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement (WA) on two occasions.

With a third WA being expected next week, Ms Doyle-Price was quizzed as to whether she supported a second referendum.

Whilst fellow panellist, Ilford North MP Wes Streeting (Lab) said he did, Ms Doyle-Price made an ominous warning.

Referring to Thurrock, Ms Doyle said: “The referendum has been one of the most divisive things to happen and we should move on…we have been given our instruction…to be frank, I come from a constituency if that were to happen there would be civil unrest on the streets.”


  1. It,s about time she listened to the public, I also think she is right about civil unrest and not just in Thurrock.

  2. Hartman, I think your right. We can’t have ‘best of three’ politics in England. That’s for Scotland and Norway.
    That said we don’t want May tying us in to a corrupt EU either.

  3. I agree , On exiting we have to leave that was the vote.

    It would create a dilemma in so many ways not too.

  4. You know the deal MIDDX17.

    Its a choice in politics between a turd sandwich and a shit sandwich. It tastes the same and smells the same. and stinks afterwards. But thats what UK and US politics has become by design due to there antics.

    Yeah it might crash the economy and business is pissed. and May’s deal sucks and no 200+ trade deals I talked about she could of done.
    But if we don’t leave 50% are pissed off.
    and May saying to both sides be patriotic and back her deal today has pissed all sides off it’s very dangerous and divisive.
    Which I don’t get her doing that.

    but we have to leave. It had it on the paper. I read it. did you MIDDX17?

    JK and JDP.
    turd sandwich and a shit sandwich.
    DId you both hear me.

  5. To be fair I may of got MIDDX17 wrong as I would need more information to know what his position was/is.Point is.

    So I apologise if wrong.

  6. She makes a statement like this which for me comes from the undemocratic way the whole of parliament has dealt with our Brexit, ‘Maggie’ May is a remainer and has gone halfheartedly into the talks with Europe and for me has been led to where they want us to be, they donb’t want to lose us, she doesn’t want to go and the brexit break we want will never be delivered as ‘Maggie’ keeps persuing her agreement which has been kicked into touch big style.

    We missed the boat, I never thought it was the right to go with just the government, we should have had a cross party group in my eyes led by Nigel Farage (it doesn’t need to be an MP), the only Brit who seems to be able to handle the EU big wigs, going as ‘Maggie’ has she goes cap in hand and getting little reward.

    May has failed in a lot more than just Brexit, responsible for taking police off our streets as a home secretary, with numbers swelling uncontrolled in the UK, its a simple equation, the unknown quality of many need policing a lot more in my eyes, taking away community policing gives nothing back (no intel) relying upon communities.

    So I agree with others if we carry on under her direction there will be Civil unrest.

  7. I think you will find it has all been orchestrated to hoodwink the apathetic British public. They know what they are doing here, mark my words. It is already way off track to what the public voted for, now sit back and watch us remain.

    There is not one proud statesman politician left, Instead we get Corbyn, Abbott and the Labour dumb.May, Hammond and the Tory reckless.
    We need a new party in this country so bad, one who will listen to what the public need and make the country great again.

  8. TGDH you are right they lead us into this. you are spot on 100% I see it too. I tend to see alot of the antics.

    Just get out with hard deal. May, has had two votes. and we cannot have 23 votes and then consult a spiritualist on the subject.

    I swear as everyone does they are trying to cause WW3 on British streets.
    This whole thing has torn the arse out of Britain.
    I cannot stress how dangerous this is.
    But the establishment are playing a dangerous game which they cannot control.

    Yeah we need a new party or maybe two with a new approach. Because the old order never learn or innovate.

  9. CTB – I could not agree with you more on this.

    Mind you Bercow has halted a third vote for the time being. What a laughing stock parliament has become. I think parliament should be dissolved, all MP’s sacked and if they want to stand again in an election fine, but I think many will be out of a job.

  10. Problem is people vote for the brand. Not the Local MP.

    It’s some kind of partizan thing, Some people on both sides even vote the same party there whole life and some vote for a party because there parents did.
    and other vote for a party because they hate the other lot.

    Till people make a psychological breakthrough and think for themselves. and not have that line of thinking and taking what the media say which is spin and opinion. It Ain’t going to change as far as I see. There are a lot of the population in that above group.

    Certainly no party has all the answers, But a lot don’t even know the F’ing Question.
    So a new party has a massive opportunity and the existing order will certainly repress it, If a new party gains support.

    But Then you and me and others know how the political game is played. Or even Rigged.

    Everyone is just sick of Brexit and wants it over with. It’s 24/7 over 2 years with nothing prepared.

    So its hard brexit.

    MP’s NEED to make some VERY wise decisions right now. and I don’t think they are going to do it. I think they are going to double down. Sociopaths.

    They are going to get us all killed. and me first.

  11. Blimey CTB we are on a roll with this agreement thing. Your spot on again.

    Part of the problem is that our so called politicians know the British people are apathetic and will moan and do nothing. Correct me if I am wrong, didn’t chancellor Helmet Kohl once call us the sick man of Europe – how right he was.

  12. Bring in Farage. May should have done that in the beginning. Like it or hate it at least he can stand up to those idiots in Brussels.


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