Grays councillor slams £10 million Thurrock Council offices build as “vanity project”

Jane P

A GRAYS councillor has criticised Thurrock Council’s decision to push ahead with a controversial scheme to build a new council building in her ward.

Labour councillor for Grays Riverside, Jane Pothecary said “I don’t understand why the Tory council are pushing ahead with this vanity project. Local businesses don’t want it, local people don’t want it, and the majority of local councillors don’t want it.”

The project is estimated to cost around £10 million and will involve the demolition of a number of local businesses and a garden dedicated to Thurrock’s role in the construction of Mulberry harbours during World War Two.

New flats are planned to be built on the existing Civic Offices 1 building, exacerbating the issues residents already face with parking in the area.

Cllr Pothecary added, “I don’t need a shiny new office to sit in, but there are lots of things I can think of that really matter to our residents that we could spend that money on. Thurrock Council need to listen to local businesses and residents, and stop this vanity project now.”

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