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Blogpost: Mr Perrin’s thoughts on Thurrock’s local elections

Peter Perrin

Mr. Perrin’s blog: “A Word in Your Ear”.

“Tallyho” They are up and running in pursuit of your vote!

IT’S the Local Government (Council) election time, and between now and 2nd May 2019, candidates will be out and about delivering leaflets, knocking on doors trying to convince us why we should vote for them. They will tell us that their Party is the only Party qualified to run the Council and will proceed to make promises about all the “good” things they will do for us if elected and warn us of all the “bad” things the others will do. The candidates should not be too surprised if people take all their promises with “a pinch of salt”, after all we have heard it all before.

At the present time Thurrock is dominated by the Conservatives, i.e. a Conservative Member of Parliament and a Conservative run Council. They are rampant and seem unassailable in Thurrock. You have to “take your hat off” to them, they have turned Thurrock, once a Labour Party stronghold, into a Conservative “fortress”, despite the fact they have run the Council without an overall majority for the past few years, but that could change in their favour on the 2nd May 2019. I believe a huge factor in the confidence of the Thurrock Conservatives is Jackie Doyle-Price, love her or hate her, she has been elected three times as the Member of Parliament for Thurrock, a feat that no other candidate has achieved in recent times, and if there was a General Election in the not too distant future I am convinced she would make it four in a row. So Thurrock Conservatives, far from feeling “blue” appear to be confident they will seize overall control of the Council.

Whereas the Thurrock Labour Party continue to “labour” to be an effective opposition. They give me the impression they are resigned to second place, hopefully holding enough seats too ensure the Council remains “hung”. I think Thurrock Labour needs to take a long, hard look at itself. They pledge that if they win they will:- {a] Stop the building of new Civic Offices, costing £10 million pounds. {b} Continue to oppose the closure of Orsett Hospital and that the aforesaid £10 million pounds would be better spent on repairs and improvements to Orsett Hospital thus ensuring it remains open and and fit for purpose. (c) Clean air and clean streets by continuing to oppose the Thames Crossing, act to tackle heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) pollution, and target “alleyway” fly-tipping”. (d) Make Thurrock streets safer and tackle crime by appointing a dedicated person responsible for Community safety and keeping Thurrock streets safe.

They are worthy pledges, though with the exception of Orsett Hospital and the Civic Offices, the Conservatives and the Thurrock Independents are pretty much saying the same thing. So why are they unable to unseat the Conservatives locally. Could it be that “Brexit”, although a National issue, is of particular concern to those people in Thurrock who voted in the 2016 referendum 74% of whom voted to leave. Many Thurrock Labour supporters are angry and disappointed with the stance the Parliamentary Labour Party has taken, especially regarding remaining in the “customs union”. That could be costly for Thurrock Labour, with some supporters abstaining, or worse voting for another Party.

So what of the Thurrock Independents Party? Exactly “so what of the Thurrock Independents Party!” They are a depleted Party, down from 17 UKIP Councillors 2014/2015 to currently 9 Thurrock Independents Councillors. They will probably lose more seats in the forthcoming LG election, Unfortunately as with all elections there will be some collateral damage and good candidates will pay the price along with bad candidates. No doubt the current Leader of the Thurrock Independents Party, Cllr Luke (Woe! Woe! Woe is me} Spillman, will also be hoping for a “hung” Council, it will allow him to continue to delude himself that he and his band of followers are a force to be reckoned with and are “power brokers” in the Council Chamber. Others will see them as vultures gorging themselves on the fortunes/misfortunes of the other Party candidates.

I will not be so foolish as to promise to eat my hat or words should the Independents gain seats.

I am disappointed that there are hardly any Lib Dems, UKIP or true Independent Candidates in the mix.


  1. TGDH you both agreed to not post with regards to each other. and you did this.
    Which will only kick it all off again.

  2. Ant my friend, it is with regards to Perrin, not Cookie, but can see how it could be. Thank you for pointing that out.

  3. Using the word Cookie could be seen as an attack by a poster could it not.

    Just blank each other and keep to the article.

  4. Back to the article. I want to ask Perrin who he is voting for
    His old Labour party he was kicked out off? His UKIP party he was going to stand for? or Conservative who have handle Brexit so well?

    Or do what most of the rest of the people are considering or doing switching away from the tired old parties and moving to the Greens, Brexit Party, TI. or praying anew party comes around which stands for the average person.
    With real policies and stands for something rather than the old parties who just have platitudes?

  5. To your last line of the blog Peter.

    Lib Dems, Sold out the students in 2010. That will take 80 years to flush out. which keeps them out of government the same length of time as when Churchills time inthe Liberals to 2010.
    But Clegg got a job with Big Tech so someone benefited.

    UKIP shot themselves in the foot by getting mixed up with Tommy Robinson, as Nigel Farage has already stated.

  6. Catching the Bus – Perrin’s political allegiances are as fluid as his journalistic ethics. He complained about being kicked out of Labour despite breaking Labour Party rules on not showing support for other parties (a rule that I believe is wrong because it means you can’t even share a Green Party post on environmental issues without breaking the rule) by campaigning for UKIP. You also pointed out that Perrin put himself forward as a candidate for UKIP for Ockendon in 2015 following his expulsion from Labour which was covered on this very website in January 2015. Given that Labour and UKIP are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, it doesn’t show Perrin in a very good light reliability-wise and, while some political drift is usual during one’s lifetime, Perrin’s was within the space of months – not a good sign.

  7. “you can’t even share a Green Party post on environmental issues without breaking the rule)”

    It’s been a while since my Green Party membership has come up on here.
    Yeah but I have never been a member of the Labour Party Just ask Tony bLiar (note the spelling).
    The reason I joined the Green party was due to
    Global Warming Climate Change.
    They were the only party that got it and was not partially or totally bought out by the Oil / Coal lobby.
    I also believe renewables has a lot of potential commercially too.

    “was within the space of months – not a good sign.”

    I hate politicians who switch Tory- UKIP. Lab-Tory Tory-Lab or in Thurrock.
    UKIP-TI-Tory all in the same year.
    They don’t stand for something they are political opportunists.
    They should be forced to stand for re-election. they never have the balls though.
    and we all know why they will lose 60%+ of there old vote.

  8. Catching the Bus – While you have a point with most of the different changes between political parties, you can’t include Tory to UKIP or vice versa because they are essentially the same party. UKIPers are Tories who don’t care about having power in the UK so long as they can have power to frustrate the business of the EU as much as the ERG members in the Conservatives are UKIPers that only want personal power in the UK and know that they won’t get it by being in UKIP. Of course in Thurrock, UKIP and Thurrock Independents are one and the same. They simply distanced themselves from an increasingly toxic UKIP because of UKIP’s association with Tommy Robinson.

  9. Peter I will ask you this final time Who are you voting for?

    I believe my area Tilbury St Chads is not having an election this time.

    But if it had I would write “ALL CRAP”
    Which I have done in a few elections due to lack of real policies that will improve the nation/area.
    I strongly believe in democracy and voting and my/our grandparents indirectly fought for my/our ability to vote
    thats why I vote. But faced with a list of three candidates two from the same stable so to speak.
    I find a lack of new future looking approaches to the domestic and global challenges we will face alarming.

    So Peter I will ask YOU this Who are you voting for? and why?

    You started this blog
    discussion it would be good to hear your view?

  10. Catching the Bus – Perrin won’t answer your question because 1) he’s allowed to not reveal who he’s voting for and 2) he probably doesn’t know who he’s voting for yet because he’s waiting for which way the political wind is blowing before deciding where he’s going to put his ‘X’.


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