Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Ward by Ward: Stanford East and Corringham Town

SOME people have asked why they have not seen Labour campaigning in the east of the borough. My sources tell me that they are primarily campaigning in the constituency of Thurrock. Not sure why because there are wards that they could have a chance of winning but perhaps there is a multi-layered plan.

To illustrate the point, the candidate here is former mayor Carl Morris. He was mayor in 1999 and now is a full time Labour organiser up in Braintree.

This has been a Labour ward before. Richard Speight and Phil Smith are councillors. The Tories have won it by just 28 votes but over the past few years they have managed to make it, if not a stronghold then fairly secure. So this brings us onto the themes of 2019. Will the Tory vote turn up or will they show their dissatisfaction with Brexit and stay at home?

Will the voters be aware (or care) that the Conservative candidate is on to his third party in over a year. Roy Jones is the former deputy leader of Thurrock Ukip. He then left rum to become deputy leader of the Thurrock Independents and now he is the Conservative candidate for this ward. He can call himself what he likes and the voter has a choice. That’s democracy.

The Thurrock Independents candidate is Shane Ralph. It will be interesting to see how Shane gets on. In many ways he illustrates the success of the TI’s moving completely away from their former incarnation (Ukip). They are starting to attract the community champions such as Shane Ralph. Shane has done so much work in Thurrock over the last twenty years. If he can get close to 500 votes then that will be a great success.

The Tories won last year with a 174 majority. They may well win again.

YT Prediction: Cons Gain

2018 Results

Alex Anderson (Cons): 810
George Elcock (Lab): 636
Roy Jones: (Thurrock Independents): 565
Michael Keal (Ukip): 132

Stanford East and Corringham Town

Roy Jones (Cons)
Carl Morris (Labour)
Shane Ralph (Thurrock Independents)


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