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Ward by Ward: East Tilbury: Does Fraser have the solution?

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THERE has always been something different about East Tilbury. Politically, it seems to plough its own furrow and is none the worse for it.

For years, Barry Palmer and John Purkiss wore the white rosette of independence and you knew that every time they appeared in the council chamber they were batting for East Tilbury.

It would appear they have passed that mantle onto Independent candidate, Fraser Massey. Indeed, it may be significant that John Purkiss signed his nomination papers.

Anyone who knows Mr Massey will vouch that the local businessman has the community in his heart, from Gobions Park to Coalhouse Fort.

The IT specialist has also produced a website so you can see his policies.

It is a busy field but not necessarily competitive. Labour have concentrated their energies elsewhere whilst from all reports the others haven’t really given it all they could. The same could be said of the the Thurrock Independents where Oliver Smith is also ploughing on.

UKIP have only a few candidates in Thurrock. You tend to forget that they are defending this ward but the underwhelming James Baker has called it a day and Sue Sammons is now a Tory. Their candidate Michael Keal may pick up a few votes which may make this a little unpredictable.

You would have thought the Conservatives would have an eye on this ward but regardless of the antipathy over Brexit they appear to be also fighting an “under the radar”campaign.

However, we think that the people of East Tilbury like their independent Independent and Mr Massey strikes the right note.

YT Prediction: Independent Gain

East Tilbury

Jacqueline Dobson (Labour)
Michael Keal (Ukip)
Fraser Massey (Independent)
Oliver Smith (Thurrock Independents)
Glenn Stanley (Cons)

Result 2016
Sue Sammons (UKIP) 736
Eleanor Lowe (Lab) 271
Paul Polley (Cons) 251

Maj: 465



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