Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Ward by Ward: Ockendon: None/All of the above…

South Road, South Ockendon

OCKENDON. Another of the wards that has been Blue, Red and Purple. UKIP won’t return to the wave of 2014 but the mood remains of voters who feel ignored, very ignored. Many of them will return to not voting and may be joined by many others who feel angry and bitter. Whether it is just the Tories is a moot point therefore it may be a matter of who can marshal their troops.

If we are going to generalise then it may be a question of whether Conservative councillor Andrew Jeffries can get the Blue voters of Brandon Groves out like he did in March 2018 by-election however he then had a whole team from across the borough. This year the Tories have been incredibly low key but then again, Barry Johnson retuned this seat one year when it appeared that it was just him and his son walking the streets of Ockendon.

Labour will want a repeat of their performance in May 2018. Yes they worked hard but they were up against a weak Tory candidate. On this occasion, they have a strong candidate in Ruth Clapham who has been working the ward.

This is a hard one to call. Added to the mix is Jan Baker from the Thurrock Independents. Jan polled 668 votes last year. A former Ukip councillor, and a recognised presence in the area, you just wonder how they will fare or indeed, upset the applecart.

YT Prediction: Lab Gain



Jan Baker (Thurrock Independents)
Ruth Clapham (Labour)
Andrew Jeffries (Cons)

By-Election March 2018

Andrew Jeffries (Cons): 696
Les Strange (Lab) 696
Allen Mayes (Thurrock Independents) 531

May 2018

Sue Shinnick (Lab) 864
Romanus Nwakuna (Cons): 740
Janet Baker (TI): 663

Maj: 124



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