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Blogpost: Mr Perrin reflects on local election

Mr. Perrin’s blog: “A Word in Your Ear”.

IN contrast to other Councils, Thurrock Council barely changed, it remains a “hung” Council.

Conservatives.                22

Labour.                            17

Thurrock Independents.    9

Independent.                     1

Some losses were tinged with sadness e.g. Peter Smith (TIP), Janet Baker (TIP), Clare Baldwin (Lab).  Other candidates who lost got a justified “come-uppance” e.g. Graham Snell (Cons), Roy Jones (Cons), both having defected from the Thurrock Independents after losing last year.

Congratulations to Allen Mayes (TIP), who pulled off an “A Mayes-ing “ victory  in Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park.

 Also congratulations to Fraser Daniel Massey (Independent), who achieved a spectacular win in East Tilbury.   He “thrashed” the other candidates polling 395 more votes than all of them put together.

Fraser Daniel Massey {Independent)  984 *

Michael Henry Keal (UKIP).                 196

Glenn Stanley (Conservative).             161

Jacqueline Dobson (Labour)               158

Oliver Mark Smith (TIP).                        74 *

  • If proof was needed this result clearly shows that a stand-alone truly Independent candidate can win handsomely against a Party supported Independent candidate.   

I have a great deal of sympathy for Belhus candidate Lee Watson (Lab) who lost to Chris Baker (TIP) by a mere 10 votes, 660 – 670.  Her achievement was even more creditable considering Chris Baker had a highly regarded reputation as a Councillor from 2014 to 2018.  Nevertheless, welcome back Councillor Baker.

I was disappointed by the number of losing candidates who failed to appear on the stage for the declaration of the results.  It is a mark of character and respect for those who voted for you to accept defeat with dignity and hold your head high knowing you did your best.  It was disgraceful that Victoria Holloway {Labour) was the only candidate to appear for the declaration for West Thurrock and South Stifford, coincidentally the ward with the lowest turnout of the night, 17.39%, Joseph Kaley (Conservative) and James Mower (Thurrock Independents) being conspicuous by their absence.   

Finally, before proclaiming how well their candidates did, Party Leaders would do well to take note of the low turnout, the highest being The Homesteads 34.51% and the lowest being West Thurrock and South Stifford 17.39%.  When it is claimed that a candidate took 60% of the votes cast, that may well be true, but it should be noted it is 60% of a turnout of 27%, hardly a cause for celebration. 


  1. Cookie your wrong to call him old man despite your differences. We all grow old. Your mental and you wouldn’t like it (and didn’t like it) when that was raised. Your a first class hypocrite.

  2. thurrocksgonedownhill – I knew it wouldn’t be long before you had a good at me. I said I’d ignore you if you ignored me and I actually did what I said but your hatred of me won over and you just had to break the agreement. You’re pathetic.

    In response to your points: 1) Perrin IS old and IS a man so use of the descriptors is perfectly acceptable, 2) good for you, you know that everyone grows old, 3) use of the word ‘mental’ is an insult that doesn’t cut any ice with me, nice try though, 4) I don’t care about getting old and, although I don’t like it, it doesn’t bother me at all, 5) I don’t remember ever being upset at being called old, you’d have to remind me of exactly when that was (if you can), 6) it takes one to know one, I suppose but I think if anyone’s the hypocrite here, it’s you, and 7) for God’s sake learn your contractions, you moron, the word is ‘YOU’RE’ not “YOUR” in the following uses “your wrong”, “Your mental” and “Your a”. In all three instances, what you’re trying to say is ‘you are’ the contraction being ‘you’re’. Glad to help with your continuing education.

    And by the way, calling me Cookie is so childish. Glad you broke the agreement, I’ve really liked putting you straight, moron.

  3. thurrocksgonedownhill – You had a go at me for using acceptable descriptors for Perrin on this article but I have to point out the hypocrisy of your assertion. I wasn’t attacking Perrin, just describing him but, on Perrin’s last article, you said this: “Here he goes again”. Catching the Bus pointed out that your remark (which was posted after mine) seemed to be an attack on me despite the agreement to ignore each other. You replied that “it is with regards to Perrin, not Cookie”. So it seems that you’re OK attacking Perrin yourself but you’re not OK with me describing him accurately. You’re a hypocrite and a moron. Well done!

  4. Well done TGDH you just had to ^uck up didnt you.

    I want to know who he voted for and why? also why he blanks his own posters to his own articles in several threads,
    Why do the bloody articles then? It only has comments from other posters from the election article anyway. He is not contributing anything new.

    We need a new set of political parties that stand for the average person badly in both the UK and US.

  5. Cookie, you have such a chip on your shoulder and calling Pering an old man is wrong – have some respect for age.
    I know you have mental issues that make you feel inferior but let it go, keep asking for an apology. To me that just shows how feeble your life has become. You may not be his biggest fan but it really does make you look a twat.

    You are funny, if nothing else.

  6. thurrocksgonedownhill – I don’t have a chip on my shoulder and I don’t feel inferior especially to someone like you.

    As for calling Perrin an old man, he’s old and he’s a man so it’s an accurate description, not an attack or a lack of respect although he gave up his right to respect when he broke journalistic ethics to personally attack me in one of his earlier scrawls for which he owes me an apology. Actually he owes the entire profession of journalism an apology for attempting to pretend to be a journalist in the first place, even just the old hack that he is.

    My life may be miserable but that’s the depressive illnesses I suffer from, however, my life is hardly feeble.

    As for not liking Perrin, I have absolutely no feelings towards the old fart one way or the other although I do think that he abuses the position having a column gives him.

    Requiring Perrin to apologise is merely holding him to account for the abuses of his position as a journalist. It doesn’t make me look like a twat, just like someone who wants journalists to adhere to some standards.

    I’m glad you realise I’m funny, it shows you’re learning and it’s always nice to see someone learning even if they act like a gigantic child by using schoolyard names. One day you may even be able to read stuff on your own and write something worth reading (but I think I won’t hold my breath on the latter).

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  7. Catching the Bus – TGDH was always going to crack first. He’s weak willed, hate filled and realises that he’s inferior to me which makes him want to have a go at me. He also isn’t honourable enough to honour the agreement I made with him. He’s pitiful really. However, being the better man, I feel that I have to have pity for him.

    As for your remarks about Perrin, he won’t answer your questions because he hasn’t got any answers to give you. He writes the articles because it makes him feel important in a world in which he is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Yes, he adds nothing new to the issue of the local election but it’s more about wanting to feel needed than actually provoking debate and Casey publishes whatever he writes out of a sense of obligation to a sad old man (and he needs to fill his site somehow even if it isn’t quality stuff).

    You’re partially right but I don’t think we need new political parties, we need a new politics altogether. As I have suggested in the past, we should go back to the base political ideologies, take out the best bits from all of them and combine those bits into something that everyone could get behind. No flip-floping between Left and Right wing positions, no need for political parties, just vote for the people who can best represent us and carry out the policies that would have been agreed would be best for the entire population.

  8. Cookie, I don’t hate you I pity you. You act like a school boy bully against an elderly man and you think that’s exceptable.
    I have my views on you as you me and people see you for what you are…a worthless bully of the aged.
    Pull yourself together, get a job and stop sponging. Have some purpose other than bullying. You moan about Perrin but look in the mirror and you won’t like what we all see.

  9. thurrocksgonedownhill – You’re the one acting like a school boy. Calling me Cookie to get a rise out of me is pathetic and doesn’t work. I’m not bullying Perrin, I was describing him and it’s an accurate description. I could have used the word ‘elderly’ but that would work in the context I was using it which you would know if you had a brain.

    I think the word you were looking for (and missed) was ‘acceptable’ not “exceptable” which has a different meaning entirely. Your ignorance is showing again.

    Getting a job with my issues, both physical and psychological, is almost impossible and I can’t be sponging as I have, once again, been assessed as being unfit for work. Nice attack though, just what a disgusting bully would do.

    I’m not bullying Perrin (like you do to me and anyone you disagree with), I simply want to hold him to account for his unprovoked personal attack on me in one of his earlier scrawls which I am at liberty to do seeing as how Casey doesn’t seem to want to do it himself.

    I look in the mirror every day and I think “my beard’s coming along nicely, needs a bit of a trim here and there but looking good”. There’s nothing more to think about myself really.

    Now, I’ve had a nice little chat with you but you’ve started to bore me again so I’m going back to ignoring you…until you decide to shoot your wad early again and attack me out of the blue (I’m sure that it’s the psychological version of your premature ejaculation).

    So I’ll ignore you and you ignore me, deal?

  10. Getting back to the article.

    I do thank god we have paper ballots in this great country and not a computer system like some US states have that no one is allowed to see the code for.
    Because nothing can go wrong with that set up can it. 🙂

  11. Catching the Bus – Actually the paper ballot system isn’t infallable either especially when the voters are made to mark their ballot in pencil that can be rubbed out, the boxes of ballots can be lost or ballots burnt. Do you really trust the people who oversee the election and the count?

  12. Valen – I’m not really knowledgeable on what Mr Perrin did that over-stepped the line enough to require an apology but if he did, you certainly deserve it. Don’t know why you said you used the term old man as purely descriptive when you could have said you were using it as one of the old-fashioned terms of endearment (hello old chap/old man/old bean). It would have been easier and wouldn’t get the attacks from people that you clearly don’t deserve. It’s a pity that thurrocksgonedownhill managed to derail the conversation without you having a chance to discuss your thoughts on the article. Hope to see them soon though.


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