Friday, February 3, 2023

South Essex College coach’s trip brings hope to Kenyan students

A JOB coach from South Essex College’s Foundation Learning department has travelled to Kenya to visit a number of charitable projects and donate kit bags and water bottles supplied by the College.

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Stuart Gibbs made the journey with members of his church, Christchurch Billericay, which supports a number of establishments in Kenya. They visited Ciamanda High School, a senior school near the town of Embu, approximately six hours drive north of Nairobi.

The church helps support nine students with their studies because free education finishes after primary school in Kenya. The students the church supports wouldn’t get the chance to progress to secondary education because of this, despite being academically able.

Last year the group was able to help two girls to progress to university through the kindness of sponsors in England.

Stuart said: “Whilst on my visits the College have always been very generous by helping with donations of College-branded goods which have included in the past T shirts, sweatshirts and other items.”

“The challenge is to continue paying fees for the girls and also help the other two students that leave this year to progress to university. As is often the case in Kenya, due to illness and family bereavement the young people become carers for younger siblings and life is very difficult.”

If you would like to help please contact Stuart by email


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