Monday, February 6, 2023

Thurrock parents set to march in protest against special needs provision

NDCS responds to SEND National Crisis March in Colchester on 30/5

ON Thursday, May 30th, thousands of parents, disabled children, young people and professionals will march in more than 25 locations across the country, including Colchester. They are calling for an end to the funding crisis facing special educational needs and disabilities provision.

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Among them are over a hundred families of deaf children, who have experienced repeated cuts to their support and specialist teachers.

Beccy Forrow, Senior Campaigns Advisor at the National Deaf Children’s Society, said:

“Make no mistake, the special educational needs system is in complete crisis. It’s heartbreaking that families in Colchester have to march in the streets, but they refuse to stand by and watch as their children’s futures are sacrificed.

“The time for tired soundbites and kicking the can down the road is over. The Treasury and the Department for Education must urgently look at the mountains of evidence and consider the many simple, cost-effective solutions that could begin to avert this crisis.

“Everyone deserves the same start in life, but without immediate investment in this struggling system, children with special educational needs will continue to be left behind.”

The National Deaf Children’s Society

· More than 25 marches are being organised in locations across the country, including London, Berkshire, Stevenage, Derbyshire, Buckinghamshire, South Gloucestershire, Guildford, Leamington Spa, Leeds, Sussex, Cumbria, Birmingham, Isle of Wight & Hampshire, Dorset, Ipswich, Worcestershire, Brighton & Hove, Colchester, Peterborough, Liverpool and Norfolk.

· The National Deaf Children’s Society helps deaf children and young people thrive by providing impartial, practical and emotional support to them and their families, and by challenging governments and society to meet their needs.

· For more information visit For further support, parents can contact the National Deaf Children’s Society Freephone Helpline on 0808 800 8880 (voice and text), email, or chat online at


  1. Well done to all the parents that are going to take part in this protest! The Tories have decimated all branches of the public sector with their austerity agenda, an agenda that has been almost universally condemned as ineffective and damaging both to society and the economy.

  2. Part of the problem here is council’s are wasting so much money that could be used for those in need. I know from first hand experience the level of unnecessary money paid out is vast so this is an area where good housekeeping would be prudent, however, there seems no will to look at this issue, rather blame austerity.
    That is not to say austerity cuts have not cut deep into budgets because they have, but throwing cash away like the councils do is a deep rooted problem that is getting worse.
    Attitude – It ain’t my money.


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