Wednesday, February 8, 2023

New Labour leader determined to hold Tory Thurrock Council to account over finances

THE NEW leader of the Thurrock Labour group say she is determined to hold the Tory-run council to account over their running of the borough’s finances.

Jane P

Cllr Jane Pothecary said: “Regarding the BBC’s report into local government reserves, I think the real issue here is how cash-strapped councils are really struggling to provide the basic services our residents deserve and expect.

The real scandal is the funding crisis in our schools, on our streets and in our social care system. The Government must recognise the damage it’s programme of austerity is doing to our communities and must provide them the funding to do their job.

Here in Thurrock, the budget is balanced for four years but this has been paid for by local Tories raising Council Tax by 10% in just two years. So our residents are paying more and getting far less in terms of services.

“We must hold this Tory council to account on how they spend the precious little funding we have. Thurrock Labour will continue to fight their ridiculous plans to spend at least £10million on a new Civic Offices building and we will make sure that money is always spent on our residents’ priorities”.


  1. I sincerely hope you do hold the Tories to account Cllr Pothecary, however, I do feel you will be stone walled in true TBC style.

  2. Good luck taking the Tories to task over the council’s finances, Cllr Pothecary, but please don’t fall into the trap of allowing yourself to be vague on financial planning when you take over the council again otherwise the Tories will be able to use their oft-used lie that Labour aren’t to be trusted on finances. We all know that Labour borrow less when in power at the national level.


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