Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Thurrock Contact the Elderly visit Hathaway Academy

Report by Thurrock Contact the Elderly

LILLIE Murrell, a member of The Hathaway Academy Student Leadership Team suggested that we invite members of Thurrock Contact the Elderly to The Academy in order to share life experiences and stories. Lillie has been volunteering at tea parties with this group in her spare time and realised what a fantastic opportunity it would be to make contacts and friends across all age groups within the local community.


Alan and Rita met with a selection of students from years 7 to 10 to discuss their very different life experiences. The topics ranged from the impact of two World Wars, to education and career opportunities across the generations. Every student was enthralled. They loved hearing the stories and laughing and joking with Alan and Rita. Students were given some valuable advice such as making the most of opportunities in education that earlier generations never had and learning from the past to help make a better future. These messages meant a lot to the students, as they were linked to real life experiences. Rita also explained the importance of family in her life and how she was able to keep in touch through the use of modern technology. This led to a discussion on the importance of technology to the younger generation. The students were shocked that
Alan didn’t have a mobile phone! The group also had a lengthy discussion on the changing roles of gender in the modern world. Rita quoted from her childhood “Educate a woman and you teach a family”. They discussed if this was still true today.

Rita and Alan both commented that at first they were unsure of meeting with the “youth of today” but now would love to come back on a regular basis to chat with “such wonderful young people”. A great time was had by all.

Debbie Haight (Student Leadership)


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