Thursday, February 2, 2023

Essex Police explain why they failed to see couple who rang 999 over assault on Grays High Street

ESSEX Police has explained why it has taken them almost a week to see a couple who rang 999 to complain of assault on Grays High Street.

Grays resident, Ali Craft, rang 999 on Wednesday July 10th after he was allegedly assaulted by a male on the High Street.

Mr Craft was with his wife, Jennifer, who had witnessed the assault.

They were hoping that Essex Police would attend immediately as the suspect had walked off towards their home and so were reluctant to walk in that direction.

As the days passed they became angry that the police had not been in contact.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We were called at around 4.40pm on Wednesday 10 July about a disturbance in High Street, Grays.

“It is believed that a man had been punched after getting into a fight with a group of people who then left the scene.

“The man had suffered minor injuries, and it was reported that a woman at the scene had also been assaulted. Neither victim required further treatment.

We understand that being a victim of crime can be a very distressing experience and we treat each crime reported to us with the gravity it requires.

We assess every call we receive according to threat, harm and risk posed, the vulnerability of those involved and the investigative opportunities available to us.

Officers are continuing their enquiries into this incident and have arranged to visit the reported victims to gather statements in due course.

“Anyone with information about the disturbance who has not yet spoken to officers is encouraged to call us on 101 quoting incident 830 of 10 July”.

The Craft family has told YT that they are very disappointed with the Essex Police response.

Jen Craft said: This is a very bland statement. I think that they possibly had a muddle of calls and struggled to sort it out, however they still haven’t given us an appointment,

“They also seem to be offering several confusing accounts of what happened, including attending an incident at the bus station, that they haven’t mentioned here.

“I’m also still cross that they didn’t seem to think that us being with our young disabled child, with the man who had assaulted my husband still in the area didn’t seem to warrant enough vulnerability to respond”.


  1. Essex police, in particular Grays are a failing force.

    It is no wonder you can openly trade drugs in Grays High Street, no wonder shoplifting is rife, no wonder the streets are lawless in Thurrock.

    Lack of officers and massive incompetence among the force results in a huge crime free for all.


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