Thurrock Independents welcome more police but ask “where are the ones for Tilbury?”

Thurrock Indep

THE THURROCK Independent Group has welcomed the extra police officers assigned to Thurrock.

Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “Yesterday saw an organised public relations exercise from Essex Police to demonstrate that they are finally increasing police numbers after years of cuts. These cuts resulted in the loss of 900 officers in Essex alone.

“We’re delighted for Essex Police and for all the residents, not just in Thurrock, but across Essex who will benefit from these extra officers.

“However, let’s make sure that the lesson has been learnt. The devastating cuts to the police service, which saw 20,000 officers cut across the country, was one of the most staggeringly misjudged policy decisions this country has seen in decades.

“With the departure of Theresa May we hope that the Conservatives acknowledge the scale of their dreadful misjudgment and pledge to restore police force numbers to 2010 levels.

“Many areas of Thurrock have felt unsafe in recent years. The Police have been faced with an impossible job and have been operating with officers facing unacceptable levels of risk to their own personal safety. This situation cannot continue.”

Tilbury councillor, Allen Mayes expressed his disappointment at the lack of police for Tilbury.

Cllr Mayes said: “Tilbury has once again been overlooked as seven new police officers are added to the borough. The new police officers will be split between Grays, South Ockendon and Stanford-le-Hope.

“It has been announced that Thurrock will get an extra seven police officers which is good news for the borough.

“Whilst it’s great that the rest of Thurrock’s crime hot spots are getting additional police officers, it is absolutely astonishing that Tilbury is overlooked once again. Tilbury has seen a significant spike in crime, especially drug related violent crime, and so extra police officers must be assigned here. More must be done to protect the good people of Tilbury.

“I call on the Chief Inspector and Police Fire and Crime commissioner, to come to Tilbury, speak to residents and assign a higher police presence to Tilbury.”

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