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Former Stanford-le-Hope resident makes Edinburgh Festival debut

Trans stand up comic makes EdFringe debut with heartfelt and resilient show Traumatised, covering life as a young trans woman

Kayla MacQuarrie: Traumatised

TRAUMATISED is the EdFringe debut hour of twenty-four year old trans woman Kayla MacQuarrie. In the a face of increased media hostility to trans people Traumatised is a show that will speak to other trans and queer people but it’s also an upbeat, entertaining show that might help other expand their perspective. As well as being trans Kayla is also gay and autistic and engages with all of these aspects of her identity throughout the show in a down to Earth, relateable fashion.

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The show (which previously won the Best Comedy Show Award at the Brewery Fringe Festival and played Vault Festival and Soho Theatre) covers MacQuarrie’s life from growing up as a bullied kid in Essex, her relationship with her family, moving to London, how being the victim of a hate crime compares to being mugged, moving in with her girlfriend and how she feels she’s changed through all of this.

“I feel like by making this show I’m getting to share hard times from life and turn them into something funny and ultimately uplifting. This feels like the right time to do the show at the Fringe because we’re in a moment of increased transphobia in the media and attacks on trans rights and as such doing an ultimately optimistic show as a trans woman feels important.” – Kayla MacQuarrie

It’s a show about growing up, getting hurt and about reinventing yourself. MacQuarrie is a friendly stage presence, bringing a lot of energy and lightness even when discussing heavy topics.

Venue: Just the Tonic at the Mash House (The Cask Room)
Dates: 1st-25th August (12th Off)
Time: 11:45AM-12:45PM
Tickets: Pay What You Want (Or Reserve a Seat for £5)


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