Thurrock Independent councillor concerned for well-being for Stanford and Corringham residents

Shane Ralph

THURROCK Independents councillor for Stanford-le-Hope East and Corringham Town, Cllr Shane Ralph has serious concerns about the wellbeing of residents of Stanford le hope and Corringham.

“Over the last few months I have started to wonder just how much more stress SS17 can take. Temporary road works cover many of the small local road, the current roadworks on the A13 and the incomplete road works on the Old A13 makes just getting around the area a nightmare.

Residents are also suffering from lack of sleep due to the A13 road works and bumpy road on the manorway that makes it sound like containers are falling off lorries all day and night. We don’t even have a functional train station now. Work started and they pulled our one down and then it stopped. I do understand that work will start again on the 23rd August 2019 however I will believe it when I see it!

Local residents and shop owners are also very stressed over the permit parking saga. This has been an absolute own goal from Thurrock Council. An absolute public relations disaster.

Lack of police is also a big issue in the area for residents. Despite a very recent increase in the amount of officers, every week someone has a van broken into or house burgled.

Residents are also very worried about the closure of Orsett hospital and how it’s going to affect them when they are even now struggling with hospital appointments.

Yet there are still Conservative Party plans to build around 10,000 extra homes in SS17. This could see an extra 20,000 people living in the area plus around 20 000 extra cars on our local roads. Over the years we have dealt with crude oil being pumped all over our homes and being evacuated from some areas due to refinery fires. However, now these times almost seem like the good old days.’

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