Land of the Fanns 100 Stories Project

Land of the Fanns 100 Stories Project

They are searching for the top 100 stories in the Land of the Fanns area.

DO you have a story about your favourite place in the local area? It could be about your local woodland, community centre or favourite viewpoint. Whatever it is we would love to hear about it!

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Some handy tips for you to get started:

• What’s your top story? Give it a title
• What is it about? Describe the landscape
• Where does it take place – a visual description, colours, smells, sounds
• What’s beneath your feet, what’s around you, what’s on the horizon?
• Can you see the river, a lake, a pond? Are there any insects, birds, creatures moving around?
• Is the story about the past, the present or the future? Or all of the above?
• What’s the main object, who is the main character – describe them
• What did they say, did you have a conversation? Capture a quote
• How do you feel about your story/the experience you had visiting the site?
• Do you have a role in looking after it? Would you like to be more involved with protecting its future?
• Does your story feature a local building, piece of land or viewpoint which you consider to be of particular value to the local community?
o Add a drawing – which could be a simple map or diagram, or an illustration of nature, wildlife or a building.
o Add a photo too that sums up your story and give it a caption.

Submit your stories by Sunday 8th September, either by email or post.

Post: Jo Beal, Kinetika, 119 Artists Studios, High House Production Park, Off Purfleet Bypass, Purfleet, Thurrock RM19 1AS

For more information, plus downloadable guidelines for story themes and a Story Form to write your story on here:

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