Thurrock Independents slam Tory-led council as they continue to promote £10 million spend on civic offices

THE THURROCK Independents have expressed their anger as the Tory-led Thurrock Council continue to push for £10 million to be spent on a new council office in Grays.

Leader, Luke Spillman said: “During last nights cabinet meeting, Thurrock Council’s Conservative Party cabinet once again supported spending £10 million on new civic offices.

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They ignored the views of Thurrock residents; they ignored the decision to reject the plans made by the planning committee; they ignored the recommendations of the Corporate overview and scrutiny committee.

“We don’t think Thurrock Council has ever seen such woeful political leadership.

Cllr Spillman added: “The report states that:

‘….the new building should instil civic pride and should set the tone for future development in the Town Centre’

“I’ve not spoken to a single resident who has seen the plans who is now brimming with a sense of ‘civic pride’. In fact, the reaction of residents is exactly the opposite. Residents are angry that their Council is willing to fritter away such large sums on an ‘ivory tower’.

“The report justifies the spend by stating that the eventual costs will be lower than the £7.2 million required for a ‘full refurb’. However, this justification relies on the nonsense that the current building requires anywhere close to a ‘full refurb’.

“Furthermore, the income figures the Council are stating they will gain from the investment into new offices are fanciful at best.

Lastly, as always with this Council, any build is likely to result in a significant overspend above the quoted £10 million.

“Thurrock Council must think that we were born yesterday. Luckily for the Council, they have a nodding dog of a Tory Cabinet who operate as if they were born yesterday.”

No Cabinet, in their right mind, would approve these plans. Sadly our Tory Cabinet appears to have given leave of their senses.”

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