Sunday, September 25, 2022

Thurrock Independent councillors demand “new type of politics”

Thurrock Indep

Thurrock Independents demand a radical democratic upheaval to address the desperate lack of faith residents have in Thurrock Council.

THIS week the Thurrock Independents launched a poll across several of the most popular online local discussion forums. They asked residents to state whether they agree or disagreed with the following statement.

‘Thurrock Council understands the needs of residents and is doing a good job.’

The immediate response to the poll was phenomenal. In the first 12 hours alone, they received 700 replies. The results were a shocking indictment of the relationship between Thurrock Council and its residents claims the Independents. Of those surveyed 94% of respondents disagreed with the statement, with just 6% in support. The poll is open for one week and can also be found on our Facebook page.

Thurrock Independent Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman, a noted critic of democratic standards at the Council said; “These results can come of no surprise to anyone. This Conservative administration have squeezed any democratic accountability and scrutiny out of the system. An approach the Council have conveniently allowed to occur. At Wednesday’s full Council we have yet another agenda deliberately lacking in content. As a result, we are seeing disastrous decision after disastrous decision being made. Competence has dropped unprecedented lows.

“Change is so badly needed, and we propose a radical shake-up in the way decisions are being made at the Council and the standards of accountability we, as Councillors, are held to. Our plans involve radical constitutional change and seek to re-engage residents with local democracy. We will take Council out to every area and every community within the borough. We will place residents at the very centre of the democratic decision-making process.

Currently we have tired minority Conservative administration, with almost complete power, who received the support of just 30% of the 25% of Thurrock residents who voted in 2019. An administration making mistake after mistake. A Thurrock Independents run Council would bring all major decision-making back into the Council chamber. Discussion, debate and decision making will once more be conducted openly and not behind closed doors.

“Most of the residents in the borough have almost given up on the Council and local democracy. They’ve seen spectacular error after spectacular error. The interests of the of Thurrock have been ignored time after time. Enough is enough. The Thurrock Independents will campaign on a radical agenda to place democratic power back into the hands of the people of Thurrock.”


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