Labour’s John Kent calls for action as violent crime in Thurrock soars

THURROCK Labour party’s parliamentary candidate John Kent has called for more action to combat violent crime in the borough following news that it has risen substantially.

Thurrock councillors heard in a report this week that offences involving violence against a person have almost doubled inside a year.

Other crimes, including sexual offences, robbery with violence, theft and criminal damage are also up.

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Mr Kent says: “This is a shocking indictment of the lack of investment in proper policing in Thurrock – once again the borough has been left at the back of the queue when it comes to investment in fighting crime.

“We have seen and heard a lot of comment from the Tory Crime Commissioner, Tory politicians – including our local MP Jackie Doyle-Price and the Tory-led cabal that run Thurrock Council. They tell us time and time again that things are getting better, there is more investment and war is being waged on criminals.

“The stark facts show that to be a load of baloney. Here in Thurrock we have seen three police stations close and crimes of “Violence against the person” have risen by 44.6% in the last year – whilst Essex Police has lost a thousand police officers and Community Support Officers since 2010.

“People in Thurrock are not just living in fear of crime – they are living with the reality of violent crime on their doorsteps and on the borough streets.

“Talk is cheap and it’s time to stop talking and start taking action. The people of Thurrock know the reality of crime because they face it on a daily basis and it’s time we had politicians in power who face up to that same reality, not pretend everything in the Thurrock garden is rosy.”

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