Damning Thurrock Council report highlights the effect of police cuts in Thurrock.

Damning Thurrock Council report highlights the effect of police cuts in Thurrock.

THE leader of the Thurrock Independents Leader has spoken out about the disturbing increase in violent crime in Thurrock.

Cllr Luke Spillman said “During a meeting with the Essex Police district commander for Thurrock I made the point to her that I believed that Essex Police had almost entirely lost control of our public spaces. I asked her whether she thought that people should feel safe travelling through some of the crime hotspots in Thurrock?

“The Chief Inspector challenged my assertions. I found this unsurprising, after all due to ridiculous addition of elected commissioners, all senior police officers have now been forced to become politicians. They are required to defend the honour and record of whichever inept failed politician holds the commissioners post. If they step out of line they soon get ‘moved on’.

“However, this data shows that I was right to make these observations. I used to believe that Thurrock was a safe place to live and work. Like all Thurrock residents I have learnt over the last few years that it is not.

“These figures demonstrate just how misjudged and irresponsible the Conservative policy of cuts to the Police were. Our new PM has promised investment, however this investment will, if it is ever delivered and is more than just a cynical pre-election promise, only
begin to bring us back to the number of officers we had before the Tories cut Essex Police to ribbons.

“Let’s hope the investment comes as promised. Let’s also hope that it can have the required effect on the criminal forces that have been unleashed in the intervening years. We will soon see whether the horse has already bolted.

“Out-of-touch, over privileged, Conservative politicians, living in crime free leafy suburbs and gated communities, made these cuts with no regard for the effect it would have on the rest of us. I hope that people remember this when they next enter the voting booths.”

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